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Not necessarily; you can bounce the ball off your foot, as long as your foot is on the ground, and it'll still be in play. If you kick it, though, it's a foul.

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Q: Can you kick a volley ball on purpose in a volley ball game?
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What are the types of goals that are scored from the air in soccer?

A header or a volley. A volley could be an overhead kick, or a scissor kick. There is also a half volley which is where the ball bounces and it is struck on its way up.

What is the difference between a groundstroke and a volley?

a volley is when you shoot without the ball bouncing and a ground kick is like you kick it without the ball moving e.g freekick and penalty pud or kai

In soccer what is is called to kick the ball while in the air?

It is called a volley. If it has already bounced once and you then strike it, it is a half-volley. If someone is continuously kicking it without it touching the ground, it is then callled 'keepy-uppys'.

How you get a home run in a kick ball game?

kick the ball really far

What does volley mean?

(n.) A return of the ball before it touches the ground.(v. i.) To be thrown out, or discharged, at once; to be discharged in a volley, or as if in a volley; to make a volley or volleys.(v. t.) To discharge with, or as with, a volley.(n.) A burst or emission of many things at once; as, a volley of words.(n.) A sending of the ball full to the top of the wicket.(n.) A flight of missiles, as arrows, bullets, or the like; the simultaneous discharge of a number of small arms.(v. i.) To send the ball full to the top of the wicket.(v. i.) To return the ball before it touches the ground.

Can you kick the basketballball on purpose in the game?

No,if you kick it,it's called for "kickball,"you can't do it at all,whether it's on purpose or not.

Is it illegal to return a ping pong ball if it doesnt hit your side of the table?

If the ball is over the table, then it is a volley, and you will lose the point. If the ball is not above the table and travelling away, you may catch it, hit it, kick it or do anything to it.

What is a bicycle kick?

A bicycle kick is a kick in the game of soccer where the kicker leans backwards and kicks the ball over his head.

Is there a difference between a game ball and a kicking or punting ball?

only if one ball is easyer to punt/kick with one ball

Can you score a goal off of a corner kick in soccer?

You could win a game by corners if you either ;Score from a corner directlyScore from the set piece via header, volley etc.Obviously you would have to keep the opposition from scoring also.

Who is the one who throws the ball at the start of each football game?

The ball isn't thrown at the start of a football game. The game begins with a kick off. After the kick off the only time a ball can be thrown by an out field player is if it goes off at the sideline and a team is awarded a throw-in.

How do you explain soccer to a 6 year old?

Kick the ball into the net, or pass the ball to a teammate so they can kick the ball into the net. The team that kicks the ball into the net the most times during the game wins.