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only if one ball is easyer to punt/kick with one ball

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2009-02-17 00:31:16
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Q: Is there a difference between a game ball and a kicking or punting ball?
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What is the difference between punting and kicking?

well punting is like when the goalie gets it after she or he blocks it where he or she has the ball in there hands then drops it to punt it kicking is just like running up to a ball and kicking it while it is on the ground not in the air

What is the difference between the kicking ball and game ball?

Kicking balls are generally newer and thus haven't been "broken in" yet.

If contact by a defensive player during the act of punting prevents the punter from kicking the ball with his foot is the defensive player subject to a penalty?

NO. If the kicker had possession of the ball and was unable to kick it.

When punting the ball why cant the kicking team catch the ball and run it in for a touch down but on an on side kick the kicking team can catch the ball after it goes 10 yards?

Well, the team that is punting the ball may not pick the ball up and run for it because anybody can squib punt on a fourth down to there own teammate and take it and score. But, when a team is kicking off persay, the team ALWAYS kicks off form the same place every single time, this way the team that is kicking doesn't have an unfair advantage over the receiving team. The game is full of strategy

What is a muff in football?

A 'muff' is generally used with punting and occurs when the player that is catching the punt drops it or 'muffs it' without ever having possession of the ball. There is a distinct difference in the NFL rules between a muff and a fumble. If a punt receiver fumbles a punt, that means he had possession of the ball and then fumbled. The punting team can recover a fumble and advance it as many yards as they can get. If a punt receiver muffs a punt, that means the receiver did not have possession of the ball. The punting team may recover a muff but may not advance the ball. The punting team would gain possession of the ball at the spot of the recovery.

What are special teams?

Just like you have players that play on offense, players that play on defense, Special Teams are the players that play on kicking plays (for example kicking a field goal or punting the ball and also for kickoffs and kickoff returns).

The offensive player who hikes or snaps the ball what is that called?

The player who hikes the football to the quarterback is called the Center. In a punting or kicking situation, the person who hikes to ball to the holder (the person who sets the ball on the ground for the kicker) is often referred to as the long snapper.

On a punt if the kicking team touches but does not down the ball and the receiving team tries to recover but does not get possession and the kicking team recovers Who?

As soon as anyone from the kicking team touches the ball, it is considered to be Illegal Touching. The receiving team takes possession of the ball where the Illegal Touch occurred. Just because the ball was touched, it does not mean it is a dead ball. The receiving team can try to get possession of the ball and move it forward. If the punt returner touches the football and loses possession, it can be recovered by the kicking team. However, given the way punts are covered in the NFL, this is unlikely to occur. The punt returner would likely be surrounded by players from the punting team, who typically crowd around the ball so it cannot be returned. The punt returner would most likely let the punting team down the ball and have his team take possession where the Illegal Touch took place.

What is the difference between rugby league ball and rugby union ball?

a rugby league ball is usually a thinner longer make to a rugby union ball which is more round and has a larger sweet spot for kicking.

What is the difference between a kicking football and a throwing one?

A kicking football is essentially a brand new football that is fresh out of the package. A throwing football is a "broken in" ball that is more used and easier to handle.

What is the wiaa rule on downing a punt what must the punting team do to down the punt?

In ALL FOOTBALL a punting team must actually CONTROL the ball to down it. It is commonly believed that the punting team merely has to touch the punted ball to down it, but that is incorrect. The punting team must CONTROL it to down it.

What is it know as when the ball is to kick in mid air?

When you kick ball in the mid air, you are "punting" the ball.

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