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kick the ball really far

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Q: How you get a home run in a kick ball game?
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How do you play kick ball?

Roll a ball catch a ball and kick a ball a run

How do you play kickball?

When you kick the ball at home you try to run to first base but if someone catches it before you get there your out. Same with the rest of the bases. But if you kick the ball outfield then you probably have time to run all of the bases. So good luck! when you get to home base again that is a point for your team.

How do you kick a kick ball hard?

first you go 45 degrees angle from the ball walk back four steps then run and kick the ball

What is boot-ball?

Boot-ball is a sport where you have 2 teams , fieldind and kicking it is just like base ball but you have a bigger ball and you kick it . boot ball is a sport Someone rolls a ball to you and you kick it once u kick it you run around markers once the ball is retried they will get you out at the wickets unless you kick again in the time you have to run back every time you run around the wicket its one point . The team with the most points at the end of the game wins ( or course you will need fielding people ) so about 5-20 player === ===

What happens after you catch a home run?

You just got a MLB Game Played ball ... Sadly the ball is not worth anything unless the home run was notable ....

What are the terminologies of kickball?

Kickball is a game that is played with a rubber ball where players kick the ball and run around four bases. A few ways a player can be called out of a game are: a strike out, fly out, tag out and a force out.

Can you carry kick and throw the ball in rugby?

Yes in rugby you can run with the ball. You can also kick it, but you must be in front of your teamates when you do, and you can throw the ball only if it goes backwards.

What are the 3 ways that a drop kick is used in a game?

1. To drop kick a goal2. to restart a game following a score3. from a dropout by the defending team from the 22 meter line having had the ball run dead

What was the name for the modified children's baseball game where you hit the ball and run to first base and back home before the fielders are able to throw the ball home?

i think it is call t-ball

Why is strength needed in football?

To kick the ball and to run and just to play

How can a team in kickball score a point in an inning?

Kick the ball far and run fast.

Is a home run ball that lands foul a home run?


What game is fun but you can't run with the ball?

It is netball. You can't run with the ball. If you do the other team will get the ball.

If at a penalty kick in rugby the ball bounces before going over the posts would this count a sucssessful kick at goal?

No its fail as a kick. However, if the ball is placed by the kicker and when the run up starts the ball falls over the kicker cannot replace the ball the must play it from that point - It would normally be drop kicked over to complete the penalty kick.

Why is flexibility needed in soccer?

to be able to run and kick a ball and do there celebrationary dances :)

How would zebras play soccer?

as the zebras run they would kick the ball

How do you kick a corner kick?

Back up about ten feet and run quickly at the ball. You must have your eye on one of your teammates. Get your cleat up under the soccer ball and swing around as you kick. The ball should go about head high and your teammate should headbutt it into the goal.

What is the value of freese home run ball world series game 6?

8.5 million

Is it a home run if the ball bounces on the top of the wall and then comes back into the field?

No, a home run is when the ball goes out of the field.

What kind of games are played in the Delaware tribe?

The Delaware tribe is known to have played a type of football using a ball made of deerskin. The game was usually played with one team of all men and one team of all women. The men had to try to kick the ball toward their goal. The women were allowed to run, pass, or kick the ball toward their goal.

Can the kicking team run down the field and get the ball and run it in for a touch down or is the ball gounded?

Yes, after the kicking team has kicked it, they can run to the ball it is theirs if they fall on it or pick it up and they could even run it for a TD. (However they must kick the ball at least 10 yards for this to occur)

What is the past tense of You run and kick the ball?

"You ran and kicked the ball" is past tense.

How fast does Roberto carlos kick the ball?

depending on the run up his average ball travelling speed is about 86mph to a 117mph, which depends on the weight of the ball

AT WHAT AGE does a child kick a ball?

An three or four year old can kick a ball, but they don't do it with any direction and sometime their balance isn't that great. A seven year old can kick a ball with direction and they will use balance to help them. If you watch a child you can see the balance. They will step out one foot and either walk or run toward a ball. A three year old will walk up to it and just kick it.

What happens to a ball when a player hits a home run?

A ball hit out of the field of play of a baseball game becomes the property of the person who first takes possession of that ball -- whether the ball is fair or foul, or lands in the stands of the stadium or outside the stadium. As such, fans who get a home run ball can do pretty much anything they want with it -- keep it as a souvenir, throw it back onto the field, or toss it into the trash.