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Yes...and no. Under OBR Rules (those which also govern MLB) and under NCAA rules, as long as the pitcher steps directly to the base without beginning a motion associated with his pitching motion, it is legal to pick from the windup. Under FED Rules (High School), the pitcher must disengage first.

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yes he can

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Q: Can a pitcher pause in middle of windup?
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Can a pitcher make a pick move if he has started his delivery from the Windup?

No, that is a violation and the batter takes his base (balk)

Who and when was the first pitcher pitching from the stretch as opposed to the windup and when did it become mainstream in the big leagues?

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When do you pitch from the windup?

Generally, only when there are no runners on base. However, you could also pitch from the windup when there is a runner only on third base, or on 2nd and 3rd, or when the bases are loaded. Pitching from the windup can be a problem with a runner on third because this will allow the runner to get a longer lead off the base than the lead the runner will get when the pitcher pitches from the stretch.

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Do you have to pitch if you toe the rubber?

"Toe the rubber" is not an official baseball term, so I'm going to guess that you're using this term to mean when the pitcher assumes the windup position. If so, the answer to your question is "No." Once the pitcher assumes the windup position (or the set position), he/she has three options: 1) pitch; 2) throw to a base (in an attempt to pick off a runner); 3) step off the pitcher's plate (rubber). Rule 8.01 covers this and is quoted in the Discussion section for this question.