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Q: Who and when was the first pitcher pitching from the stretch as opposed to the windup and when did it become mainstream in the big leagues?
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When did Gene Smith - Negro leagues pitcher - die?

Gene Smith - Negro leagues pitcher - died in 2011.

When was Gene Smith - Negro leagues pitcher - born?

Gene Smith - Negro leagues pitcher - was born in 1917.

What age was star baseball pitcher Alli Reynolds when he began pitching in the major leagues?

Reynolds spent many years in the minor leagues. At the age of 28 he moved up to pitch in the MLB. He had a 13 year career.

What do you not say when a pitcher is pitching a perfect game?

you do not say that the pitcher is pitching a perfect game

Who was the best pitcher ever in the major leagues?

Randy Johnson

What award is given to the mayor leagues pitcher of the year?

Since 1967, both the American and National Leagues have awarded the Cy Young Award to the top pitchers in the respective leagues for the season.

How many innings can a pitcher pitch in a week?

It depends. In many youth leagues it is based on pitches. When you get into upper youth leagues they then begin to base it on innings. As you get into adult leagues there often is no limit.

What does the Cy Young mean?

"The Cy Young" or "Cy Young Award" is an award named after the turn of the century pitching great Cy Young, given out annually to the best pitcher in both the National, and American Leagues.

How far from Pitching mound to homeplate?

In Major League Baseball, where the bases are 90' apart, it is 60' 6" from the back point of home plate to the front of the pitcher's plate. I don't know about softball or junior leagues.

What is the strip on the pitcher's mound where a pitcher must stand called?

pitching rubber

What is the name of where a pitcher stands?

The pitching mound.

What is the pitching rubber?

the place where the pitcher stands.

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