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I'm no expert or knocking on your common sense,but its impossible to generate the kind of speed that a golf club picks up throughout a swing. So the answer is no. Although the speed of a golf club is less, there is no flexing in a baseball bat like there is in a golf club shaft (absorbing energy). I think the golf ball (all things equal) would travel farther being hit by an aluminum bat than a driver.

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Q: Can a baseball bat hit a golf ball farther than a driver?
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what will travel farther a heavy golf ball or a lighter one?


Does a frozen golf ball thawed out go farther than a non frozen golf ball?


Which goes farther a new golf ball or an old golf ball?

a new one should

Steve hit the baseball 400 feet Lesley hit the golf ball 300 yards How many feet farther did the golf ball travel than the baseball?

300 yards is equal to 900 feet, so the answer is 500 feet.

Golf driver hits?

The ball.

Does a taylormade golf ball go farther than a precept golf ball?

A precept is harder than a TaylorMade. But is also depends on if you have TaylorMade Black or Red. Overall, TaylorMade balls will go farther and spin more.

What goes farther tennis ball baseball golf ball or ping pong ball?

Depends upon how much force is given when hit, kicked or thrown. The table tennis ball however has no mass to it at all, so it would travel the least distance no matter how much force was given at point of launch. A Golf ball can travel some 350 yards with the right angle and pro golfer.

When you hit a golf ball it goes high how do you fix that?

A simple tip for that is move the ball further ball in your stance. If its when you hit your golf ball off a tee, another simple tip is just lower your tee farther into the ground.

If a baseball had dimples?

It would be a golf ball. No, a baseball does not have dimples

Is more or less loft needed in larger golf driver heads?

That depends on the player. Players with slower swing speeds are better off using a driver with more loft. the extra loft makes the ball easier to control and will help the player hit the ball farther because the extra loft helps keep the ball in the air longer.

How can you hit a golf ball farther?

I heard you can microwave them, though this might be for "wound" golf balls which aren't that common anymore. Land your drive on a cart path, hit a tree.... it will cost you strokes on the green. OR you could just play it for 20 years and see if it can stand up to the beating.

Does a golf ball go farther go farther when placed at the front or back of stance?

Placing the ball at the back of your stance will effectively make the ball fly lower and farther. By placing the ball at the back of your stance you are decreasing the loft of the club. If you want to hit a high shot move the ball forward but remember it will not go as far.