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Depends upon how much force is given when hit, kicked or thrown.

The Table Tennis ball however has no mass to it at all, so it would travel the least distance no matter how much force was given at point of launch.

A Golf ball can travel some 350 yards with the right angle and pro golfer.

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A Baseball has the capability to travel further.

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a golf ball, which can be hit over a distance of more than 300 meters.

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Q: What goes farther tennis ball baseball golf ball or ping pong ball?
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Does a baseball go farther when hitby a wood or metal bat?

it depends on how hard the ball is it if you hit hard with both meta and wood wood goes farther

What is it called when a tennis ball goes around the net and not over it?


Which goes farther a new golf ball or an old golf ball?

a new one should

Which ball baseball football softball or golf ball will go the farthest when thrown?

I'm 99% sure that it's a baseball. I might be wrong though.

Two companies make golf balls and each claims that its ball goes farther. Which would be the BEST scientific evidence to decide which ball goes farther?

You would design an experiment to test the balls.

Does a baseball go farther when hit by a wooden or metal?

it goes farther when hit by a metal bat

Why does a golf ball roll far?

There are several attributes of a golf ball that make it fly farther than a tennis ball. A golf ball is smaller than a tennis ball, so it has less surface area, which means it experiences less drag (air resistance) as it hurtles through the air. Furthermore, the tennis ball's surface is fuzzy, which increases its air resistance, whereas a golf ball's jacket is hard and dimpled, which improves its aerodynamic properties, increasing its distance when struck. Many different dimple patterns and designs have been experimented with to increase a golf ball's "length." A golf ball is more rigid and elastic than a tennis ball. It resists deformation much more than a tennis ball does, and when deformed, it returns to its original shape more quickly. This means that more kinetic energy -- of the club in the case of the golf ball and the racket for a tennis ball -- is transferred to the ball to propel it and is not wasted on deforming it. Incidentally, experiments have proved that the golf ball is the fastest moving object in all of sports (not counting the shooting sports, of course). ADDITION: The ball in JAI ALIA is the fastest ball in sports.

Describe contact force and noncontact force that affect the motion of a baseball a pitcher has thrown the ball?

The contact force will keep the ball moving but as the ball goes farther the ball slows down that's were the non contact force comes in it makes the ball not in contact

Who invented the tennis ball?

The history of the tennis ball goes back to the 15th century, and the individual who created it has been lost to time. For further information on tennis balls, visit the Wikipedia link, below.

What do the french say when the tennis ball goes out?

When the ball goes out of the playing area, the French judge says "faute !" (fault!). The word was adopted as a replacement for "out", which was previously used.

Does a baseball go further hit with metal or wood?

When hitting a softball you can hear the tink off of the bat. When you hit a baseball you hear kind of a slap and therefore when you hit a baseball goes farther.

What goes farther a football being thrown or a soccer ball being kicked?

Football being thrown