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Q: What will travel farther a heavy golf ball or a lighter one?
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Which will hit the ball farther - a heavy or light baseball bat?

In general, a heavier bat will hit a ball further than a lighter bat. It all depends on the speed of the bat. There is more torque in heavier bat swung at the same speed as a lighter one.

Does a ball with helium go farther than a ball with air?

Yes it will as helium is lighter than air.

Does freezing a softball make it go farther?

Yes it does. Will a hard compression ball go farther than a softer one? The harder the ball the farther it will travel.

Does the mass of a softball bat effect the distance it will travel when coming in contact with a bat?

yes, usually a heavyer bat will make the ball go farther, but if it's too heavy it willl slow your swing and you won't get a very good hit. I lighter bat will help you swing faster and you will pull the ball more.

Does the size of a soccer ball effect the distance it will travel?

The bigger the ball, the farther it travels.

Why do wheelchair basketball have a lighter ball?

Because people on wheelchair's can't use force of their legs to push ball farther.

Do heavier objects travel faster than lighter ones?

I believe Galileo did this test with a heavy ball and a light ball, he dropped the balls at the same height at the same time and they hit the ground at the same time.

Does the weight of a baseball bat effect how far a baseball will travel in the air?

it all depends on the person swinging the bat. if a strong person is swinging a heavy bat the ball will travel farther due to the larger mass of the bat.

If you drop a heavy ball it will take the same amount of time to reach the ground as a lighter ball?

No,because the weight of a heavy ball is more than the light ball, obviously, the heavy ball will drop into the floor first.(wrong)they will hit the ground at the same time

Does a frozen golf ball go farther than a non frozen golf ball?

No, a warmer ball will travel farther than a colder one. When the core of the ball is warmer it will be more energetic. Also if the air is colder that means it is denser and will mean there is going to be more drag on the ball, so it will not travel as far.

Does the swing velocity of a bat affect the distance the ball will travel?

Yes. Faster = farther.

Does bat speed help you hit a softball farther?

Generally, yes - or at lest to a greater extent than it does in baseball. Physically, the harder you hit the ball (mostly speed of the bat) the farther it will travel. In softball, the speed of the incoming ball really doesn't vary all that much between fast pich and slow pitch. In baseball, the speed of the incoming ball - if it's a fast ball especially - has a great bearing on how far the ball will travel. So if the bat speed is good in either sport, in softball the hit will travel farther. In baseball, with the right pitch, the hit will travel much farther.

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