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Yes. Larry Robinson, Ken Dryden, and Howie Morenz were born in Ontario. Jacques Plante, Doug Harvey, Jean Beliveau, Bernard Geoffrion, Maurice Richard, Dickie Moore, Yvan Cournoyer, Henri Richard, Serge Savard, and Guy Lafleur were born in Quebec.

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Q: Are all of the Montreal Canadiens players that had their number retired Canadian born?
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What is Geogrues Laraque famous for?

Georges Laraque is a retired Canadian ice hockey player who last played for the Montreal Canadiens. He played the forward position, and is now a commentator for TVA Sports.

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Which number is not retired by the Canadiens?

Number 6

Who does Patrick roy play for?

Roy retired three years ago. During his carer he played for Montreal Canadiens and Colorado Avalanche. Currently he coaches the Quebec City Remparts of the QMJHL. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in November.

Who was the last Montreal Canadien to wear number 12?

Steve shutt Yvan Cournoyer, whose number is among those retired by the Canadiens. (Steve Shutt wore #22) You're correct that Cournoyer's number was retired in his honor (as well as honoring Dickie Moore), but several Canadiens wore #12 after Cournoyer retired in 1979. Keith Acton wore it in the early 80's, as did Serge Boisvert. Mike Keane wore it in the early 90's before he was traded to Colorado with Patrick Roy.

Was Wayne Gretzky the only nhl ice hockey player to have number 99?

Joe Lamb (Montreal Canadiens 1934-35), Wilf Paiement (Toronto Maple Leafs 1979-82), and Rick Dudley (Winnipeg Jets 1980-81) also worn that number. However, no players have donned that number since Gretzky's 99 was retired league-wide in 2000.

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