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274 ft

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Q: How many feet between target field and Yankee stadium?
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How many miles is it between Yankee Stadium and Tropicana Field?

1,166 miles

What is similar between the new Yankee Stadium and the old one?

The field dimensions are identical.

What stadium is bigger the White Sox or cubs?

The Cubs stadium, Wrigley Field is about 1,000 seats bigger than the White Sox stadium, U.S. Cellular Field.

Is Target Field a domed stadium?

Target Field has no roof.

Does anyone have the old seats from Yankee Stadium Ebbets Field or the Polo Grounds for sale?

For Yankee Stadium seats try the link below.

What is similar about the new Yankee Stadium and the old one?

The new Stadium has the same field dimensions as the old Yankees Stadium.

Two newest stadiums built?

Yankee stadium & Citi Field

What is the soccer field next to Yankee stadium?

Macombs dam park

How many home runs have been hit to right field in Yankee stadium in 2009?

Johnny Damon hit 17 of his 24 homeruns at Yankee Stadium.

How much beer is sold at Yankee stadium?

None. Coors Field is a baseball stadium.

What was the distance from home plate to center field in the 1923 Yankee Stadium?

When the original Yankee Stadium opened on April 18, 1923, the measurements were, 296 feet to the left field pole, 301 to right and 461 feet to the deepest part of the park, in left-center. The playing field was not evenly balanced, so dead center was not the deepest part. After it was re-modeled in 1974-75, it measured 310 to right, 312 to left and 430 to the deepest part in left-center.

What is the name of the field the New York Yankees played at in 1950?

yankee stadium