Two newest stadiums built

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Yankee Stadium & Citi Field

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Q: Two newest stadiums built
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Which baseball stadiums were most recently built?

Target Field that can be found in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Marlins Park in Miami, Florida are the baseball stadiums that were recently built. The two stadiums were built in the year 2010 and 2012 and still operating.

What are the stadiums with attendance of more than 50k in London?

There are several stadiums in London England that can have an attendance of more than 50K. Wembley Stadium and Olympic Stadium are two stadiums in London that can hold that many people.

Which two citys have the oldest league baseball stadiums?

Boston, and Chicago.

How many Yankee Stadiums are there?

There are two Yankee Stadiums, but only one is open for the team. On May 13, 2010, the demolition of the original Yankee Stadium was finalized.

How have football stadiums changed since 1948?

There is two main things, there is no big fences to stop you getting onto the pitch and in most stadiums everyones has a seat.

Which two cities have the oldest stadiums in major league baseball?


How many stadiums have the Chicago Blackhawks had?

They have had two the Chicago Stadium and the United Center.

The 2 oldest stadiums?

The two oldest stadiums in baseball history are Wrigley Field in Chicago, which opened in 1914, and Fenway Park in Boston which opened on April 20, 1912.

Who's the only man to have two major league stadiums named after him?

william wrigley

Where India played first one day international AT HOME?

no satisfactory answer.only first answer is relevent but it is telling two stadiums-how an odi can be played in two stadiums ?pl. tell me one stadium along with date of game and result of the match.

When were the two Yankee Stadiums built?

The new Yankee Stadium was built in 2008-2009 and open for the 2009 season. The old Yankee Stadium (the house that Ruth built) was dedicated in 1923. Prior to that, the Yankees (known as the Highlanders then) played at Hilltop Park, in 1913 the Yankees moved to the Polo Grounds (also home to the New York Giants) and played there until Yankee Stadium was built in 1923.

What two british stadiums are bigger than the 2012 olympic stadium?

Wembly and something else

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