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A fast pitch has the potential to be hit further than a slow pitch. Presuming the bat speed and squareness of contact are identical in hitting a fast pitch and slow pitch, the fast pitch will be hit further because in a nearly elastic collision more momentum will be returned from the fast pitch than the slow one resulting in a longer hit. In general a fast pitch is more difficult to hit than a slow one though which means the odds of making perfect contact are far lower.

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Q: Will a fast pitch be hit further than a slow pitch?
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In modified softball do you use a slow pitch or fast pitch bat?

Because of the relatively different speeds one can pitch in modified, the best bat to purchase would be a fast pitch bat. Although the speeds will not be as fast a a Fast Pitch league the pitchers will still be throwing harder than a slow pitch/arc league. Hope this helps

What is the difference of slow-pitch and fast-pitch softballs?

depends on the league playing but most slowpitch balls are smaller than fastpitch balls

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What is the difference in fast pitch and slow pitch softball?

Fastpitch softball involves throwing the ball faster and straighter than slow pitch. In slowpitch, the ball is generally thrown higher and slower and more like a blooper. it can be harder to hit a line drive with slow pitch rather than fastpitch because you are it at an up ward angle. In fastpitch you are to swing straight.

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What are the field dimensions of a softball field?

There are two different kinds of softball, fast pitch and slow pitch. Rather than try to explain I will point you to a wonderful link that will explain all.

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What is short field in softball?

In some cases, slow pitch and younger aged fast pitch, you can have more than 3 outfields. The 4th outfielder is typically played in position between the outfield and the infield. This is the short fielder.

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