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Coordination is used in almost every sport because if you are coordinated you are able to catch a ball or throw a ball to were you intend to. Or in Baseball you need coordination to swing at the right time when the ball is at the right place. Also for instance in soccer you need coordination to be able to dribble and do certain moves on the field, and the same thing applies for Basketball. You need to be able to hit the ball up in the air accurately in volleyball so this sport needs coordination. Here are a few more sports that i didn't name that also need coordination Lacrosse, archery, fishing, Wrestling, boxing, football, gun competitions, swim team, paint ball, airsoft, hunting, ext.

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Q: Why is coordination used in sport?
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What is a coordination sport?

Baseball, Football??

What sport needs coordination?

all sports need coordination- esp gymnastics

What sport used coordination?

All team sports require coordination within the team. And all sports require the athletes to be able to coordinate their body movements.

What sports do you need coordination?

Every sport.

What is the sporting definition of coordination?

to have good hand eye coordination and also to have talent to which ever sport.

What are the importance of coordination in sports?

Coordination can help you be better at the sport you do and in certain sports help flexability.

What sport uses hand-eye coordination?


How is coordination used in rugby?

There is coordination in many ways. It is a team sport with very structured ways of playing. They require coordination. Players require coordination to control the ball in various ways. That can be passing it, catching it, kicking it, keeping control of it in set plays and other situations.

Is coordination needed in volleyball?

Yes, coordination is needed in pretty much every sport. If you don't have coordination, you won't be able to hit it right.

Why is coordination important in sport?

Lacking coordination in a sport is lacking the ability of control awhile moving. Ex. A teammate passes the ball to you in soccer without coordination, the opposing teams defense can swipe the ball from you. With coordination you can run at high speeds awhile siking the opposing team out.

Why is the wall test best considered a coordination test?

Because it helps you coordinate where the ball is and helps you with coordination during a sport.

Why the wall test is best considered a coordination test?

Because it helps you coordinate where the ball is and helps you with coordination during a sport.

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