Is debating a sport

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No it doesnt seem like a sport to me. to me a sport is something that takes coordination and physical ability and debating basically is just arguing with other people

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Q: Is debating a sport
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Who is debating?

Debating is not a person. It is the act of arguing over a point in a formal and professional way. It has 3 speakers on each each side, (Affirmative and Negative). It will also have a Timekeeper, Adjudicators and a Chairperson. Debating is classed as a sport and is supported by many schools in the world.

Do they sell them in Louisiana?

I was injured and debating on whether or not to go play golf, then i remembered it wasen't a sport. Posted by Mitch hippy

When was Debating Robert Lee created?

Debating Robert Lee was created in 2004.

When was Brown Debating Union created?

Brown Debating Union was created in 1824.

What is the duration of Debating Robert Lee?

The duration of Debating Robert Lee is 1.8 hours.

How do you say debating in French?

Débat ou débattre

Where can one find good tips on debating?

There are quite a few helpful sites one can use to improve debating skills. The UK site Debating Matters and the University of Vermont both have websites with useful tips on improving debating skills.

How is hockey a sport?

playing the sports gets your heart rate to go up, it requires some form of skills to skate and simultaneously put a black disk in a net with padded man trying to block it, professionals in the "sport" get paied substantial amounts, i donno you should try debating how chess is a sport. some ppl think it is. :)

When was Otago University Debating Society created?

Otago University Debating Society was created in 1878.

What antonyms for debating?


Use debating in a sentence?

High school debating teams are good training for future work as a trial attorney.

Which branch of government is responsible for writing and debating laws?

which branch of government is responsible fow writing and debating laws