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People in general are competitive and get bored very easily, so an activity where they are able to compete against friends/family/enemies/strangers while distracting themselves as to not be bored is pretty much one of the most popular pass-times. People also love to watch sport because cheering for a team/player makes them fell part of something especially when they can get together with their friends and watch together and feel like part of the team.

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Sports are fun to some people, and they make you healthy

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Sports are popular, because with that you stape in good shape

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Q: Why are so many people interested in sports?
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Probably, as he was an astronaut and astronauts have to be really fit to go into space, so he probably played alot of sports. He was interested in sports.

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Sports would be a great option for your child. There are so many sports that he could play. See if he is interested in a particular one.

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Don't be so racist....

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Why do sports attract so many fans?

because the people who don't have anything else to do watch tv and they find sports so they become fans

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well, America is very big. i know because i live in Orlando, Florida ... in America and i was always tought that in a very big world there is alot of people who are living beings like us for example. back to your question there is alot of people who live in America and about 80% are all interested in playing sports all my friends an i do so to answer your question alot of people play sports in America.i hope you enjoyed my answer :)

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No. many people are unable to do so. For a variety of reasons.