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Sports are fun to some people, and they make you healthy

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Q: Why are so many people interested in sports?
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How does television affect sports?

It gets sports news "out there" so more people would be interested in sports and competing in them.

What are people interested in?

these days people are interested in electronics mostly but really people are interested in so many things each have their taste of things =]

What are the purposes of sport magazines?

They provide information for people interested in particular sports. They have articles on teams and individuals playing in sport. They have articles on competitions. They have articles on history of particular sports. They are also used for advertising for people who sell sports equipment and other things to do with sports. So there are many purposes of sports magazines, with these and others.

Was Neil Armstrong interested in sports?

Probably, as he was an astronaut and astronauts have to be really fit to go into space, so he probably played alot of sports. He was interested in sports.

Why is sports day so important?

Many, many, MANY people in this world love the heck out of sports. Just like Presidents' Day is to honor presidents, sports' day is to honor sports :)

Why are there so many black people in wii sports resort?

Don't be so racist....

Why are so many people interested in the Harry Potter Phenomenon?

because its epic.

What are some of the best after school activities available for young boys?

Sports would be a great option for your child. There are so many sports that he could play. See if he is interested in a particular one.

Did Steve Jobs play sports during high school?

No. He was interested in technology. Steve Jobs was an avid dietarian and runner, so he lived a healthy lifestyle, but he was not interested in mainstream sports.

Why do people interested in watching football?

cos it is a sport and humans need t get fit so sports is the best way or a gym is a good idea

How was sports affected by World War 1?

Sports were affected by WWI because many people went to war so there was no growth in sports and the expansion of sports decreased.

Why do sports attract so many fans?

because the people who don't have anything else to do watch tv and they find sports so they become fans

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