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Baseball hyas changed in many ways, in yet so has football. Many sports have improved over years.

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Q: What sports have changed to attract more people?
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Do movies attract more fans then all sports?


How have sports changed over the years?

there has been way more sports and women can play now

How have Olympic sports changed over the years?

there has been way more sports and women can play now

What has changed between sports today and sports in the 1800s?

well in the 1800s lots more people around the world played sports because they didnt have technology we have today. they had no television, no computers, and no ipods so playing sports was the oly way of having fun

Do more people play FIFA 11 Wii and Kinect sports than the real sports?

More people play real sports for sure !

I'm a beachbody coach but I need help like growing my business what can I do to attract more people?

You need to put up flyer's and run specials to attract more people.

What is the minimum number of core sports the host city must choose in the Commonwealth Games?

The minimum number of core sports a host city must choose is ten. The core sports are designed to attract more viewers and more spectators to the Games.

Why are people competitive in sports?

The reason people are competitive in sports is because they enjoy it more than others

TV how it's changed professional sports?

It has made sports more open and available to the world and without that they would not be as big as they are today worldwide.

How did territories attract new settlers?

by letting more people vote

What is going to attract people to Paris in the future?

more romance and more technology and especially the food

Do sports people earn too much money?

Teachers should earn more than sports people!

How has Soweto changed since apartheid?

soweto has changed significantly as there are more people there

How does television affect sports?

It gets sports news "out there" so more people would be interested in sports and competing in them.

How has women participation in sports changed over time?

More and more women are starting to compete since the late 20th century

How has sports changed since 1963?

Many sports have now become professional, lots of top sportspeople now endorse sports products through high paying sponsorship deals. But now that sports are more professional it means that they have become more elitist and means that it puts more strain on the bodies of sportspeople

Do Americans watch men sports than womens?

I would say generally so because men's sports are covered more by the press and other forms of media. People always talk about men's sports more than women's sports, and sponsors usually pick men's sports to get more people to see them

How have games changed since the 1900?

of course games have changed since the 1900. Sports have become more orgainized and better understood by one. Some of the sports that where played back then have the same names but are actually played somewhat different.

What are three reasons major sports teams are located in major states?

Cause it's major! To attract more people because of commonly heard of or major states. There is more land and money to build stadiums and fields there instead of in a rural, poor town.

Why did sports change in the 19th century?

Sports and Technology became more advanced... And people had new sports ideas and ways to improve older sports.

Do darker leaves attract more light energy from the sun?

They dont attract more light, but they do absorb more light. They dont attract more light, but they do absorb more light.

What do the Danish people do for recreation?

sports, café-life, social life, more sports, jobs, jobs and more jobs :b

Do zoos only favor the animals that attract more people?

Most zoos don't favour the animals that attract more people they care for each and every animal. Some other zoos only do it for the money but everything depends on the owner.

How have factories changed?

more machines less people

Why should you do more sports?

You should do more sports cause if you dont then you will get very very very fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOBODY likes fat people. fat people are gross and ugly and they really need to lose the weight. so that is why you should do more sports more often so that you dont get fat like those fat people.