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Usain Bolt and francis obikwelu are both listed as 6 foot 5 inches tall

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Q: Who is the tallest 100m runner in Olympic history?
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Who is the fastest olympic 100m female runner?

U.S. runner Florence Griffith Joyner with a 10.49

What is significant of physically fit?

Casey Dickson obese olympic runner : 100m time : 5.98 seconds

How long does the average olympic runner train daily?


Who is the fastest 100m runner in 2009?


Is Usain Bolt fast?

Yes, 100m in 9.58, currently the fastest 100m runner in the world.

How fast can Jason Robinson run the 100m in?

As a 100m runner i think we can do something like 6.8 on the 60 but not less then 11 on 100m!

What is the olympic 100m dash?

it is a running event :)

Who won the men's 100m race in the olympic games in greek times?

Danish from Singapore won the 100m race in the olympic games in greek times.thx

Who is the fastest runner for the 100m?

Usain Bolt Nationality : Jamaican

What are Tommie Smith's Olympic achievements?

100m gold

Who is the fastest 100m runner in Asia?

not sure think is japanese guy name: Nobuhau Asahara with 10:24 for 100m

What is the average stride of a 100m runner?

around 1 meter or more