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MX, Rodeo, COME ON PPL!!!!! When are you going to wake up and smell the coffee...we need them all!

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Q: Which Games are not included in Olympics?
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Name of games included in the Olympics?


Who chooses which games are included in Olympics?

The International Olympic Committee.

What year was sprinting first included in the Olympics?

Sprinting has always been included in the Olympic games

What sports are included in the Summer Olympics for girls?

All games can be for girls.

What are the main events in the Olympics in Greece?

The ancient Greek Olympics was a three day event. The games included, running, long jump, boxing, and javelin throwing.

What is the most common sport in the olympic games?

It depends on what you define the most common sport in the Olympics as, football is probably the most played sport that is included in the Olympics

Is golf a 2014 commonwealth games sport?

No, Golf was not one of the sports included in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. It is actually a 2016 Olympics sport.

Is sky diving in the Olympics?

No. As of the 2008 Games, sky diving has never been an Olympic event. Added... There have been efforts to have skydiving included in the Olympic Games for the past several events, but the organizations have turned the sport down each time. At the present time, skydiving is included in the World Games program which includes many sports which didn't make the cut for the olympics.

When was fencing introduced to the Olympics?

Men's Foil and Sabre fencing were both in the 1896 Olympic games, and men's Epee was included in the Olympic games four years later, in 1900.

How often are gymnastics included in the Olympics?

Gymnastics is a part of every summer Olympics.

Will golf be played in the 2012 Olympics?

Unfortunately no, golf will not be included in the 2012 olympics.

How many sports were in the Olympics?

over 20 games in the Olympics