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It depends on what you define the most common sport in the Olympics as, football is probably the most played sport that is included in the Olympics

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Q: What is the most common sport in the olympic games?
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What is the most popular sport in the olympic games?

Athletics-Track and field

What was the most famous sport competition in ancient Greece?

The Olympic Games.

Which sport received the most coverage for Australia in the sydney 2000 Olympics?

believe it or not breathing was the sport that got the most coverage at the 2000 olympic games

What sport is England best at in the olympic games?

As far as total medals go, England has won their most Summer Olympic medals in athletics and their most Winter Olympic medals in figure skating.

What is the evolution of swimming?

Swimming became a competitive sport in the early 1800s.Now swimming is the third most watched sport in the Olympic games.

Why would you want to do Equestrian in the Olympics?

because it is a popular sport! and most sports in the olympic games are popular

Which country has hosted the most olympic games?

The United States is the country to host the most Olympic Games. The United States has hosted eight Olympic Games.The United States has hosted the most Olympic Games. Currently they have hosted 4 Winter Olympic Games, and 4 Summer Olympic Games.The united states has held the most Olympics but in 2012 London will be the city that has held the most games.

Was there a time when figure skating was not contested?

Yes. As an Olympic sport, figure skating was originally a part of the Summer Games, since most rinks were outdoors at that time. It was contested in 1908 and 1920. Figure skating has been a Winter Olympic sport since 1924.

Most common played sport in the US?

Basketball. One of the earliest games invented

In Bolivia what sport country most likely to win a medal?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, no athlete from Bolivia has won an Olympic medal.

What is irelands most successful olympic sport?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, that is boxing. Irish Olympic athletes have won 12 boxing medals (1 gold, 4 silver, 7 bronze).

Which olympic sport has the most fans?


Which is the most favoured olympic sport?


What is the most popular Olympic sport?

swimming is

Which is the most unusual Olympic sport?


Which sport gave the largest number of medals in Olympic games for Italy?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, Italy has won the most gold medals in fencing (45) and cycling (32).

Was netball at the Athens Olympics?

No it has never been an olympic sport, only a commonwealthsport. New Zealand won the gold in the most recent commonwealth games

Has Canada won the 2010 Olympic games apparently the IOC declares the country with the most golds to be the winner of the games?

It depends what sport you're talking about! Right now I believe the US has the most overall medals though.

Are there any cheats for the Olympic games?

People have tried cheating in the Olympics from time to time, but they eventually get caught and loose any medals they won. Using Steroids is probably the most common cheat among any sport, but also very easy to catch.

Where were the most recent Olympic Games held?

the most recent olympic games were held in Beijing china.

What is the most loved Olympic sports?

the most loved sport is football

What is the most dangerous olympic sport?

Eventing (Equestrian)

What is The worlds most played olympic sport?


What the most boring Olympic Sport?

it has to be by far curling

What is the most common sport in Antigua?

football is the most common sport or maby its cricket