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I'm not too sure you can put an average time for a mile for that, but i would say a "good" time would be 7-8 minutes.

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Q: What is the average time for a 5'11 250 pound man to run the mile Around 29.5 Body Fat?
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If you weighed 280 pounds how many calories could you burn in a mile how many miles would you have to walk to lose a pound?

approx 150 a mile with a body weight of 280. 3500 calories in a pound of fat and burning 150 per mile. 23.333 miles to lose a pound.

How long should it take to walk a mile to lose weight?

It take 3500 calories to lose 1 pound. On average running a mile will minus you about 100 calories or so.

Is running a 7 minute mile good for a 185 pound male?

For most Airborne regiments in the US and Canada, a 7 minute mile is the SLOWEST time. These units are made up of a broad range of body types and ages but most are around the 185-195 pound weight range. There is no reason to think that 185 pound man would be harmed by running that pace unless there is some other obvious or underlying physical issue.

How many people per square mile are in Indiana?

As of 2020, Indiana has an average population density of around 188 people per square mile.

What is the average mile time for a male eleven year old?

Around 10 minutes

What is keeping the french and brithis separate?

The 30 mile - around 100 mile wide body of water between them called the "English Channel".

Average mile for a eleven year old?

propably around 6:30 or 9 minutes

What Average time run mile for 40 year old?

Around seven to nine minutes.

How fast a mile if you run 4.5 mph?

If your average speed for the whole mile is 4.5 mph, your finishing time will be around 13 minutes 20 seconds.

By age what is the average running time for 1 mile?

if you are talking about men's tracks its around a 5:05.

What is a normal 2 mile time?

This really depends on the type of person your talking about. If you are an average american, a normal time for a man would be around 18 muinites(9:00/mile), and for a women would be around 22:00(11:00/mile). If you are a high school track athlete, a respectable time for a male is around 11 muinites(5:30/mile), and a female would be around 13:00(6:30/mile).

Average mile time for college athlete?

a good athlete keeps there mile around 6 minutes....U of W hockey team runs two in twelve