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a good athlete keeps there mile around 6 minutes....U of W hockey team runs two in twelve

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Q: Average mile time for college athlete?
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Average time a college athlete runs the 400 meter?

49 to 51 secs

Is a 5 48 an average mile time?

5:48 is definitely above average for a mile time. An average mile time would be anywhere from 7-8 minutes.

What is an average time for a mile in middle school?

the average time to run the mile in middle school is 9.58

Average time for 2 mile run?

The average time for 2 mile run is from 13 to 15 minutes. Hope this helped, from PvtNinja.

Lucinda ran 3.7 miles in 30 minutes what was her average time for each mile?

Her average time was 8.1 minutes per mile.

What is the fastest mile time for a female track and field athlete?

4:35 in 1998 by kylie Rain

What is the average time it takes to walk a mile?

About 20 minutes to walk a mile.

What is the average time 1.5 mile run?

average time is from 12 to 13 minutes.

What is the average mile time for a female college student?

Girls 17+ average 10m 22s. See link below.

What is the average time for a female high school athlete to run the 100 meter dash?

12.5 seconds average time

What is a normal 2 mile time?

This really depends on the type of person your talking about. If you are an average american, a normal time for a man would be around 18 muinites(9:00/mile), and for a women would be around 22:00(11:00/mile). If you are a high school track athlete, a respectable time for a male is around 11 muinites(5:30/mile), and a female would be around 13:00(6:30/mile).

What is an average time for a 5 mile run?

37 minutes for 5 miles is the average time

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