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Streek, or whatever else they want; each umpire has his own style.

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Traditionally the phrase was always thought to be, "Play ball!" But in fact umpires today at all levels are trained to simply point to the pitcher and say, "Play!"

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say hello and have ice cream

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Q: What does the umpire say to begin a baseball game?
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What doe umpire say to begin a game of baseball?

play ball

What color is sometimes yelled to baseball umpires Hey?

When people say something to the umpire at a Baseball game they call him or her "Blue"

What does a baseball umpire's era mean?

I must say when I saw that statistic last night it was the first time I had heard of it. But the way I understand it, and umpire's ERA stands for the number of earned runs scored in a game while the umpire is behind home plate. A higher umpire ERA generally means that the umpire favors the hitter by having a smaller strike zone. A lower umpire ERA generally means the umpire favors the pitcher by having a larger strike zone.

Is referee an official of the game softball?

The soccer referee is like the umpire in baseball. They call the fouls and keep time. Try visiting the related link for more information on this.

What is the magic word in baseball?

The term 'magic word' stands for something you say to an umpire that gets you thrown out of a game. The word is a 3 letter, 1 syllable word ... YOU. Umpires now do not make the call of "you're out" but the call of "he's/she's out" in an attempt to make the game less personal and more generic. When disputing an umpire's call, other than asking "What did you see?" in asking the umpire what went into making the call, using the word YOU personalizes the dispute and is sure to cause it to escalate because now the dispute is with the umpire and not the call.

What is the referee called in baseball?

There is 2 different roles. an umpire and a referee. The difference is that a referee has the final say on all technical issues and is responsible for everything.

Is a dented wood bat still legal?

If the umpire allows it then i would say yes, it is. Probably the umpire wouldn't allow it because of safety reasons, but just have him check it but bring an extra bat to your games, just in case. Good luck at your next game!

What is the plank on the pitcher's mound called?

The strip is called "the rubber". I am an umpire and this is what i know it as. I am not sure if it is the official name, but if you say the term in context to the strip on the mound, anyone who knows baseball will know what you mean. It is unlikely that the term will be confused with anything else as everyone from announcers to umpire use it.

What baseball game played in Major League Baseball?

All of the ones that say MLB somewhere where watching the game

What does an umpire do in badminton?

An Umpire is in control of a particular match, usually called a rubber, and has to know the rules of Badminton and ensure the game is played fairly within the rules. The most obvious job is to keep the score, calling it out between points so that the players and spectators know the score. The Umpire is also required to call any faults and sort any problems during the games. Umpires also act as Service Judges and work as a team with the Umpire when both are on court. The Umpire reports any problems to the Referee who has the final say at the event.

Who is the only player in the baseball and football hall of fame?

As far as I know Cal Hubbard is the only person in both the baseball and football Halls of Fame but he made it as an umpire for the baseball Hall of Fame. I would say there is no person who made it to both Halls as a player

What do fielders say when they make a request to the umpire to declare a batsman out in cricket?