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The health benefits of playing a sport are directly related to the type of sport in question. Endurance type sports generally help with cardiovascular fitness and health. Strength or power sports help with muscle mass and bone density. Some sports help with brain power and memory. Ideally we should take part in sports orrecreational activities that will help us with every aspect of our health and wellbeing. That is, Balance, functional and specific strength, muscle mass, body fat, appropriate flexibility, agility, bone density, memory, social benefits, confidence and many more. Everything we need to learn about life sport can teach you. So get cracking and get busy with seasonal sports. Remember to have fun no matter how competitive you get.

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Playing sports offers a great way to socialize, compete and get exercise. This is a way many people relieve stress and make new friends. Healthy competition can be good for the mind as well.

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Q: What are the health benefits of playing sports?
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What are the benefits of sports for your health?

Playing a sport benefits your health in many ways. You exercise which is good for your body and health, and you build and gain muscle which makes you stronger and healthier. Sports can also bring joy, and happiness is always a good part of health :)

What are the social and health benefits of sport?

The health benefit of playing sports is that you will get extra exercise that you might not have participated in if you were not in that sport. The social benefit is that you will meet new people and you may even get involved in other sports or other community activities.

What are the good and bad benefits of playing sports?

U can get the girls

What are the health benefits of playing the sport of handball?


What are some advantages of playing sports?

you will fit and your health will better

Can you describe the health and fitness benefits of playing football-soccer?


What are the health benefits of energy drink?

Energy drinks gives you energy to go and do activities. Such as sports.

What are the occupational benefits of playing sports?

Playing sports has been linked to improvements in academic, social, and career success. Individuals who play competitive sports are less likely to smoke or use illicit drug. Playing sports can actually increase success in the classroom and boardroom.

What are the health benefits of playing paddle ball?

It uses many of your muscles and your mind.

What are the health benefits of children playing with other children?

so many its impossible to count

What are the health benefits to playing paddle ball?

there is nothing wrong with my spelling, if you are unable to answer the question I understand.

What can you get from playing soccer?

There are many health benefits such as increased cardiovascular health, stengthening of muscles, improved coordination, and better problem solving capabilities.