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1) Stolen Base

2) Wild Pitch

3) Passed Ball

4) Sacrifice Fly

4a) Sacrifice Hit (bunt)

5) Error

6) Bases-loaded walk

7) Bases Loaded HBP

8) Score on a fielders choice

9) A balk

That's gotta be all of 'em, right? How about: 10) Hit by Pitch (See 7)

11) Double play (see 8)

12) Catcher's Interference(Technically an error. But I think this may be correct. Again, only with bases loaded.)

13) Obstruction (Obstruction would be scored either a hit or error, depending on the exact situation.)

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there are actually more than 7 ways:

1) Hit

2) Walk (with bases loaded)

3) Passed ball

4) Wild pitch

5) Stolen base

6) Hit by pitch (with bases loaded)

7) Balk

8) Error

9) Defensive interference

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1. A passed ball on a pitch, and runner scores. 2. A 3rd strike and catcher misses the ball, overthrowing at first, runner scores. 3. A squeeze play, missed bunt, with catcher missing the ball, runner scores.

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This is always a favorite question of people who think they really know Baseball. Actually there are at least 16 not 15 ways to score from third without a hit and maybe more.

1. passed ball

2. wild pitch

3. error

4. walk

5. balk

6. catcher's interference

7. sacrifice fly

8. steal of home

9. hit by pitch

10. sacrifice bunt

11. foul fly

12. foul pop up

13. fielder's choice

14. double play

15. fielder falls into the stands or dugout

16. infield fly rule

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1. Base hit

2. Wild pitch

3. Passed ball

4. Balk

5. Walk (if bases are loaded)

6. Hit batsman (if bases are loaded)

7. Double

8. Triple

9. Home Run

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hit,steal,sac,walk pass ball wild pitch,balk,hit batter,home run

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1. Hit

2. Error

3. Wild Pitch

4. Passed Ball

5. Sacrifice Fly/Bunt

6. Steal

7. Balk

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1:Wild pitch

2:Pass ball

3:Sacrifice Fly

4:Squeeze play

5:Infield Single


7:Steal Home


9:Ground Out

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Q: What are 7 ways to score from 3rd base with 2 outs?
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How can you score from third in softball?

There are quite a few ways to score from 3rd base in softball: * You can steal * RBI * If the bases are loaded you can get walked in * If the bases are loaded the batter can get hit by pitch * If you are in 12u or about you can perform a delay steal

How many outs do there have to be to advance to first base on a 3rd strike?

There can be any amount of outs but there cannot be a runner on 1st base

What is a 'tag run' in softball?

when someone hits the ball and it is caught, the runner(s) on base can "tag" the base they are on once it is caught and then run to the next base. If they tag 3rd base and run home to score it is the tag run.

On defense if a runner is caught in a run down between 2nd and 3rd and there is a runner on 3rd base should we throw home to not allow the run to score?

Assuming there is no force at home, chase the runner towards third base and that increases your chance of getting one or perhaps two outs. By throwing home, again assuming no force, the runner could get back to second safely and the throw to home is meaningless.

Base runner on 3rd base line hit to right field runner comes in to home no play at home but removes helmet before touches home is called out run does not score was the call correct?


Can a runner score on a fly ball if the other runner doesn't?

Sure. The runner on 3rd base can tag up and score. The runner on 2nd may not even be able to advance to 3rd base, especially if the fly ball is to left field. To further clarify..a base runner may not pass another base runner who is ahead of, if your question means can a runner on 2nd or 1st, tag up and score if the runner on third doesn't, the simple answer is no...however, in a rare case they could. Let's assume that the runner on third tags up, but is thrown out at home and it is not the 3rd out of the inning, then the catcher either throws the ball away, or otherwise loses the ball, the other runner or runners may then advance and score. The batter, though, is not credited with a Sacrifice Fly, nor an RBI.

Short stop position for down two?

The positional variation of shortstop with two outs depends how many people are on base. With no one on base, a deep position between 2nd and 3rd is best.

Can you score a run on 3rd out fielders choice?


You are the 3rd baseman a ball is hit to you on the left side of the 3rd base bagthere is a runner on 1st and 2nd base what are you going to do with the ball?

depends upon how many outs there are at the time of the playIf you have to range to your left to field the ball you would throw to second in order to get the force out regardless of how many outs there are. If there are two outs and the ball is hit sharply straight at you, you could run to third and get the force out there or, if there are less than two outs, you could throw to second to force the runner and try to get a double play.When the ball is hit to you, you want to A) get as many outs as possible, or B) get the easiest out.

In baseball how do you score if a runner misses a base and on appeal he is called out?

The batter is credited with a double, so his batting average will increase. The out would be scored as any other out is scored. It depends on what happened on the play. If, for example, the batter hit the ball down the right field line, and the ball is fielded by the right fielder. He throws to the second baseman, who then throws to the third baseman for the out at third, the scoring would be 9-4-5.

How can you score from third but not from second?

The bases must be run in order -- 1st, then 2nd, then 3rd, then home. You score a run by touching each in succession. So if you are on 2nd -- you must proceed to 3rd before going to home plate. To score from 2nd, you basically need a hit or a defensive error. But you can score from 3rd with a sac bunt or an outfield fly. There are simply a lot more offensive options to get a run in from 3rd.

What base in the relationship would be where your boyfriend sucks on your breast?

This would be 3rd base. 3rd base is the oral stage in a relationship.