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things such as staff development, talk about the environment such as the health and safety issues.

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Q: Staff development in sport and leisure?
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What is the sports and leisure industry?

A industry in which people do sport and leisure. Or just leisure, because sport can be classed as leisure

What is the difference between sport and leisure?

Leisure is just playing for fun, even if it is a sport. But a sport is something you want to be good or best at.

What is Pennsylvania's sports and leisure?

Pennsylvania's state sport is football,not one dang idea about the state leisure is,what is a leisure anyway?

What is the difference between leisure and sport?

Leisure is doing something for the pleasure of it i could say i guess lol and a sport is an athletic game.........but between comparing the two i would say a sport is more professional and leisure is(when playing sports) usually when you do this but not at as an official activity....

What is the most popular leisure sport?

Moon walking

What is a very popular leisure or sport activity in France?

Frances famous sport is cycling.India123girl does that answer your question?

What actors and actresses appeared in Education for Leisure - 2010?

The cast of Education for Leisure - 2010 includes: Josh Faux as Boy Lily Staff as Victim

Is the a Leisure or sport activities beginning with x?

Xare is a racquet sport. Xare players wear helmets and face each other.

What does tennis do?

Tennis is a competitive sport, a leisure past time, and a popular means of exercising.

Why in leisure center they have yo wear uniform?

so everyone know that they are staff by the uniform straight away.

How does Venezuela use sport to promote development?

they really arent for sure how Venezuela uses sport to promote development

How can states of economic development be linked to the rate of participation in sport and leisure activities?

As a people become more wealthy, they don't need to work as much to sustain themselves, and can choose to spend more time either to play sports or enjoy leisure. Some people will continue to work more than necessary, so the correlation is imperfect.