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Frances famous sport is cycling.India123girl does that answer your question?

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Q: What is a very popular leisure or sport activity in France?
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What is the most popular activity in France?

foot fhnhfkvhgrbnhf is the most played sport in france

What is the most popular leisure sport?

Moon walking

What is the difference between leisure and sport?

Leisure is doing something for the pleasure of it i could say i guess lol and a sport is an athletic game.........but between comparing the two i would say a sport is more professional and leisure is(when playing sports) usually when you do this but not at as an official activity....

What are Suriname's popular sports?

Basketball, cricket, rugby and soccer are popular sports in Suriname.Specifically, soccer well may be the most popular sport in terms of organized and leisure time physical activity. In terms of sports competitions, running and swimming are popular. In terms of leisure, recreational and vacation activities, fishing is high on the list.

Is sking a popular sport in France?


What is the sports and leisure industry?

A industry in which people do sport and leisure. Or just leisure, because sport can be classed as leisure

What does tennis do?

Tennis is a competitive sport, a leisure past time, and a popular means of exercising.

What are some of the popular leisure activities in Saudi Arabia?

Foot ball is the most popular sport in saudi arabia.

What ere the most popular sports in France?

Football Is France's most popular sport with 2,225,595 licensed players in 2009. The other popular sport is Rugby Union

The third most popular sport in France?


Which sport in France is most popular?

Football (or soccer)

What is the most popular winter sport in France?


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