Olympic Medal to population ratio

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Australia is coming first in the world for that. The USA has 15 times more people then us yet don't even have twice as much gold. Great Britain has 3 times more population than us and only have 1 gold medal more than us, China has about 50 times our population yet only managed about 3.2 more times our gold medal tally.

When it comes to athletes being selected, Australia and the USA get about 400-450 each. But the USA have much more to choose from, therefore should have more talents and win much more gold than they already have.

Canada is a fine example. 27,000,000 people compared to our 20,000,000 and yet they've only managed 2 gold medals to our 11.

In ratio, the little Aussie battlers are coming first.

Sorry to the previous answer, but no. Australia isn't in #1 medal/population ratio. Not even close... sorry.

New Zeeland takes position number one, they currently have 1.6174 medals/per million. Australia is in third.

To put that into context:

New Zeeland = 1.6174

USA = 0.1721

China = 0.0395

Britian = 0.4600

Of the top 10 medal winners, Britian is far ahead. Overall, New Zeeland, followed by Slovenia.

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Q: Olympic Medal to population ratio
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