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The Olympic gold medal is awarded for coming first in an Olympic event. It looks like a small golden circle.

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Q: What does an olympic gold medal look like?
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What does the olympic stadium look like?

It looks like a ring from the top within where there are only tracks.

Who wins Olympics the country with the most total medals or most gold medals?

There is no winner of the Olympics since the Olympic committee does not award countries based on medal count in any way shape or form. That does not however, mean that they don't keep count. The Olympics do keep track of the medal count and according to that the country with the most gold medals would be in first place unless two countries were tied with the same amount of gold medals in which case silver medals would be the tie breaker. If two or more countries have the same amount of gold and silver medals then they would look to the country with the most bronze medals. The Olympic committee states that it is frowned upon to compare medal counts because of the differences in populations and resources. Also, the committee believes that nobody should be ashamed whether they medal at all because of the fact that no matter where you finish you are still one of the most elite athletes in the whole world. However, I doubt that's really how they view it considering that if you did look at it like that then there would be no reason to keep track. Especially keepin track and constantly informing viewers by running it through the ticker across the bottom of their screen. The committee knows very well that keeping track of the medal count raises ratings by giving countries a storyline to entertain them outside of the actual events. It is my opinion that it is just a matter of time before they actually award the top three countries with a gold, silver and bronze medal respectively for overall medal count. If they do ever do that, then population at least, should be taken into consideration.

How do you tryout for us Olympic team?

At the olympic trials Look it up on google or something else, or go to the olympic homepage.

What did the first olympic stadium look like?

The first modern Olympics were held in a simple marble stadium in 1920. It was large, but there were no changing sheds or other structures on the field itself.

What are the words to This is the olympic theme song that you always hear but you do not know the words?

Song is evidentally a march or instrumental piece.l To my knowledge there is no Olympics theme song, thogh there asre, of course national anthems of each National team involved. You may be thinking of (Chariots of Fire) again this is an instrumental and does not have words. While the actual song does not have words there was a spoof done in Canada in the 1980s. I don't remember all the words but the question has the begining of them. Sing along to the Olympic Theme which you can listen to here: This is the drum part, this is the drum part This is the Olympic theme song the one you always hear but you do not know the words. This is the Olympic theme song ... ... Skiing, skating, women look like men ... ...

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