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What Olympic sports have the most medal opportunities? What Olympic sports have the most medal opportunities?

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Q: Olympic sports with most medal opportunities?
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What sport is Portugal most successful at?

Olympic Sports -Athletics ; Non-Olympic Sports - Roller Hockey (Quad)

Who entered most Olympic sports?


Gold medal in Beijing olympic?

The gold medal is an award given to the first place winners in Olympic events. The most recent Olympics in China followed in this tradition.

What is the most populous country never to have won an Olympic medal?


Which country won the most olympic gold medal?

The United States.

Most popular winter olympic sports?


What is the most loved Olympic sports?

the most loved sport is football

Which person has the most world championships of any sports?

I think steffi graff (girl) has the most tennis championships she also won and olympic medal the same year she got a grand slam. she has 22 titles. by jerry.

What country has the most medal for bobsled in olympic games?

Germany have the most medals at olympic level, for two-man, four-man, womens, and over-all.

What is Germany's most successful sports at Olympic games?


What are the most recent Olympic sports?

Vancouver winter Olympics

How many summer olympic games have there been?

There were 31 sports in the most recent summer Olympic games.

What country has won the most Olympic gold medal?

USA 1st Russia 2nd

What country has been to the most winter olympic games and never won a medal?


In Bolivia what sport country most likely to win a medal?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, no athlete from Bolivia has won an Olympic medal.

What are the most popular winter Olympic sports?

Freestyle Skiing - Aerials

Which athlete has won the most winter Olympic medals?

Ole Einar Bjørndalen has won the most Winter Olympic medal with 13 total medals. The American with the most Winter Olympic medals is Apolo Anton Ohno with 8 total medals.

What sports are anabolic steroids most found in?

My educated guess would be in most contact sports like football and wrestling. Other sports could be in baseball and Olympic weightlifting.

What sports are South Africa competing in?

Most of the olympic sports, medals have come mainly from swimming, athletics and boxing.

What are the most successful olympic countries when the medal count is adjusted to a per capita basis?


What state won the most metals in the Olympics 2008?

list of olympic medal winning countries

Which country won the most medals in the Beijing Olympic games?

China with 51 gold Medal.

Who pays most for the olympic medals?

According to the link on, it states the countries paying for Olympics Gold medal.

In which year the US Hockey Team won Gold medal in Olympics?

The USA won a gold medal in hockey in the 1980 Olympic games and it was one of the most memorable moments in sports history after defeating the Russian hockey team which was a professional team that trained in the army just to play hockey.

Is the Beijing Olympic Stadium a waste of resources?

nope, because they got lots of business opportunities and sponsors. Most countries that host Olympic make a fortune out of it