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There are a lot of Team events in the Olympics here are a couple:

* Summer Olympics: * ** Basketball *** Baseball

*** Soccer (aka Football)

*** Volleyball

*** Relay Races * Winter Olympics * ** Hockey *** Bobsled *** Men's Team Pursuit Speed Skating

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What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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Q: Name 3 team events of Olympics?
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Name 3 major world sporting events in which a relay team was disqualified from the track meet?

Olympics, World Championships, World Indoor Championships.

Where were the equestrian events held in 2008?

Six equestrian events were held at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing: 1) Individual dressage 2) Team dressage 3) Individual jumping 4) Team jumping 5) Individual eventing 6) Team eventing

How many swimming events can a person swim in the Olympics?


How many events is Stephanie Rice in at the Beijing Olympics?


What are the new events in 2012 Olympics?

Women's Boxing will be 3 new events for the different weight classes

What are the three snowboarding events athletes have a chance to medal in at the winter Olympics?

Snowboard in the Olympics has 3 events to compete in which are * Half Pipe * Slope Style * Border Cross

What 3 original events didn't make it into the Olympics?

Football,Karate and Soccer

Did the women's boxing make its olympics debut at the London Olympics games?

Yes with 3 events for the different weight classes

How long do athletes train before the Olympics?

3 Months + 30 Days in Olympia it depends on the events there planning to do in the Olympics

How high in the diving board in the Olympics?

Diving events at the Olympics are held at 3 meters (springboard) and 10 meters (platform).

Is there a 1m category in divimg at the Olympics?

No. Springboard events are held at 3 meters and platform events are held at 10 meters.

What 3 events in the Olympics are won backwards?

Backstroke Boxing Tug o War

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