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Q: How many swimming events can a person swim in the Olympics?
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How many countries are in the swimming events at the Olympics?


How many total swimming events are in the 2012 summer Olympics men?

There are 17 Men'a events and 17 Women's events for Swimming

How many swimming events at 2012 olympics?

48 mens

How many swimming events in 2012 Olympics?

There are 34 swimming events out of the 46 in Aquatics. There are also 8 Diving events and 2 events each for Synchronized swimming and Water polo

How many events were there in the Summer 2008 Beijing Olympics and swimming?


What are four events of the olympics?

There are many Olympic events, here are four:- Athletics, Rowing, Boxing, Swimming.

Who got last place in mens swimming in the 2004 Olympics?

There are many events to lose and there si no really loser, just a person who does not quilify.

How many medals can be won by one person in swimming Olympics?


What is the name of a swimming competition?

There are a few events that take place in the swimming pool at the Olympics * Swimming * Diving * Synchronised Swimming * Water Polo

How many women go to the Olympics for swimming?

If you are from the Us and want to go to the Olympics in swimming, first you have to make a time standard to qualify for Olympic Trials. There are many events, but you can swim a maximum of six at Trials. The top two finishers for each event go to the Olympics. There are 14 individual events, and there are also 4 relays.

How many timed sports are in the Olympics?

All swimming and track events. Also events in canoeing, equestrian, cycling, rowing, sailing, pentathlon, and triathlon.

How many sports can an athlete participate in at the Olympics for example can a person do swimming and cycling and athletics?