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Olympics, World Championships, World Indoor Championships.

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Q: Name 3 major world sporting events in which a relay team was disqualified from the track meet?
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Is it a foul if the baton is dropped by the runner in a relay race?

Yes, or your team can get disqualified

What are two reasons you might be disqualified in a relay?

Sticking the Relay Baton up your Bumhole. Sticking the Relay Baton up someone elses Bum

How can a team be disqualified in track and field?

There are a few ways a team can be disqualified. If you were referring to relay teams, a dropped baton or a hand-off that occurs outside of the zone can result in a disqualification. Also, if a relay team leaves its lane, the team is disqualified. Whole teams rarely can't disqualify themselves, but rather be removed from Track and Field events. Unsportsmanlike conduct can result in removal of a team, and certain rules regarding the track and the surrounding facilities may be broken, which would also result in a disqualification for the participant(s).

How can an athlete be disqualified at the start of the race in the Olympics?

starting before the gun goes off or if in a relay, dropping the baton.

Australian Reginald Baker competed in 3 separate sporting events in the 1908?

Reginald Baker finished fourth in the 4x200 freestyle relay, seventh in diving, and won a silver medal in middleweight boxing.

How many swimmers in standard relay?

In all swimming events there are four swimmers in a relay

In athletics is your team disqualified from relay if your team drops baton during changeover?

At the 2012 California state meet, St Mary's dropped the baton in the 4x4 relay. The announcer kept saying they were disqualified. How unknowledgeable for an announcer to make such a statement. The team is only disqualified if the baton falls to the inside of the track and it gives them an advantage by running less distance or if they run into an inside lane to gain a shorter distance or if they impede another runner then that would be a judge's call.

What are major events in swimming?

Freestyle Backstroke Breaststroke Butterfly (also know as the fly) Relay Indiv. Medley (variety of strokes) Medley relay all these strokes have various lengths such as: 50m 100m 200m 400m

Who is the only team event in track and field?

Relay events.

Equipments used in relay track and field events?

The only equipment you need for a relay is a baton to pass, and starting blocks, if you are doing a sprint relay.

Which events has phelps won in the 2008 Olympics?

he has won the swimming events like team relay etc.

What are the Rules and regulation on relay events?

In relay events, a competitor cannot move from their sport until the prior competitor has arrived. Also, a competitor has to stop and pick up the baton if it falls on the ground.

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