Kansas sport teams

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Does Kansas have any sport teams? Does Kansas have any sport teams?

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If you are talking pro football no Kansas does not have any pro ball teams and the Kansas City Chiefs are in missuri.

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kansas city cheifs

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Kansas City Chiefs

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Q: Kansas sport teams
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What are Kansas's sport teams?

as far as I know, the Pro teams are Kansas City Royals (baseball), Sporting Kansas City previously know as Kansas City Wizards, and Kansas Coyotes (indoor football). The Royals and Sporting KC are Kansas City, Missouri teams.

What are college or pro sport teams in Kansas?

Kansas does not have a professional sports team. They have four college teams (Kansas Jayhawks, Kansas State Wildcats, Pittsburg State Gorillas and the Tabor College Bluejays).

What national sport teams are in Missouri?

St. Louis Rams, St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues, Kansas City Cheifs

What sport has the most teams?

according to the national data base. the sport which consists of most teams is the sport of football. with a average of 50 teams in each cxountry, football has the most teams who are involved.

What are Michigan sport teams?

Sports teams from Michigan

Sports teams in Mississippi?

There are sport teams in mississippi There are in teams everywhere! You have to know!

What are the major sports teams in Kansas?

University of Kansas Jayhawks basketball team. The Kansas City teams are all on the Missouri side, so the Jayhawks are the closest thing to pro sports in Kansas.

Are there any sporting teams in st.augustine?

no there are no sport teams in st.augustine

What are Kansas pro sports teams?

There are no current professional sports teams in Kansas from any of the major sports leagues in the United States. Both the Kansas City Royals (baseball) and Kansas City Chiefs (football) are from Kansas City, Missouri.

What are all the professional sport teams in Iowa?

Iowa has no pro teams

What sport teams does Hanoi have?


What are the 3 Kentucky's sport teams?

The three Kentucky's sports teams arebasketballfootballsoccer