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The three Kentucky's sports teams are

  1. Basketball
  2. football
  3. soccer
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Q: What are the 3 Kentucky's sport teams?
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What are Kentuckys sport teams?

Professional baseball: Lexington Legends, Florence Freedom, and Louisville Riverbats.

How many college teams are for Kentuckys?

There are 16 teams for Kentucky this year for 2011.

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It's either 1) a girl sport team, 2) a boy sport team or 3) mixed sports teams

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How many cities have 3 professional sport teams?

Baghdad and Ulaan Bataar

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They have 3. 1. Pittsburgh Pirates 2. Pittsburgh Steelers 3. Pittsburgh Penguins

When have 3 Boston sport teams playing the same day had no conflict of schedules?

a week from tomorrow

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Sports teams from Michigan

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There are sport teams in mississippi There are in teams everywhere! You have to know!

What are the 3 units of the sport of football?

offense defense special teams

What are the 4 most popular sport teams in the US?

It depends on what sport. NFL is the most popular sport and the three most popular teams are Packers, Patriots, and Falcons.

Does Rhode Island have any sports teams?

There are sport teams

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no there are no sport teams in st.augustine

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Iowa has no pro teams

How many teams does the US soccer have for this sport?

There are currently 19 teams in MLS.

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Montana does not have any professional sports teams

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North Carolinahas the most sport teams

Is hockey a sport?

Yes. Some countries have professional hockey teams. Well, Canadians consider it a sport, and there are a few American teams, but I still think it's nota real sport.

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Does Kansas have any sport teams? Does Kansas have any sport teams?

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