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Kansas does not have a professional sports team.

They have four college teams (Kansas Jayhawks, Kansas State Wildcats, Pittsburg State Gorillas and the Tabor College Bluejays).

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Q: What are college or pro sport teams in Kansas?
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Kansas sports teams?

Does Kansas have any sport teams? Does Kansas have any sport teams?

What are Kansas's sport teams?

as far as I know, the Pro teams are Kansas City Royals (baseball), Sporting Kansas City previously know as Kansas City Wizards, and Kansas Coyotes (indoor football). The Royals and Sporting KC are Kansas City, Missouri teams.

What are all the professional sport teams in Iowa?

Iowa has no pro teams

Some Sport teams from Texas?

Dallas Cowboys - pro football Texas longhorns - college football Aggies - college football Mavericks - pro basketball Dallas Cowboys - pro football Texas longhorns - college football Aggies - college football Mavericks - pro basketball

What are the major sports teams in Kansas?

University of Kansas Jayhawks basketball team. The Kansas City teams are all on the Missouri side, so the Jayhawks are the closest thing to pro sports in Kansas.

In all pro sport teams top 5 in championships?


What are some pro sport teams in Mississippi?

football name bulldogs

Does Kentucky have pro sport team?

no, but it does have a few minor league teams

Hawaii's professional sport teams?

they do not have a pro sports team so far.

What are Kansas pro sports teams?

There are no current professional sports teams in Kansas from any of the major sports leagues in the United States. Both the Kansas City Royals (baseball) and Kansas City Chiefs (football) are from Kansas City, Missouri.

Why shouldn't therre be drug testing on pro sport teams?

so that sports teams don't get high on drugs.

What cities have pro sport teams?

I believe it is New York City. Yanks, Mets, Jets, Giants, Knicks, Rangers, Islanders, Red Bulls. California however, has the most pro sport teams for a state.

What are some pro sport teams that begin with A?

Hockey: Atlanta Thrashers & Anahiem Ducks

Which college football teams run a pro style offense?

va./ tech

What is Illinois main sport?

Illinois has no main sport but if u had to choose then probably football, baseball and basketball due to their pro teams.

Can convicts vote in Delaware?

There are no major pro sports teams, but there are minor league teams and amateur teams like in college and high school.

How many pro sport teams are there in California?

18 professional sports teams in California. 8 more than any other state

What are all of the pro sport teames in Missouri?

yes the Kansas city royals, the Kansas city chiefs, the Kansas city Wizards, the St. Louis Cardinals, the Rams, and the blues?

What sport has the most professional teams?

soccer is the sports that has most pro leagues. It even has a World cup.

Are there any pro sport teams in the UK?

Is this a joke? Manchester United, Chelsea, harlequins, Somerset cricket??

Who were the first two football teams?

Including college football: Rutgers and Princeton.First pro teams: Canton Bulldogs and the Akron Pros.Oldest two pro teams still in existence: Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals.

What sport teams have michael jordan played on?

College played for the North Carolina Tar heels and for pro he played for Chicago Bulls (Selected in the 1st round 3rd overall) and Washington Wizards

Michigan professional sport teams?

The Majors Sports That I Know:Basketball- The Detroit PistonsFootball- The Detroit LionsCollege Football- The Michigan Wolverines ( Not Pro Level )Michigan State Spartans (College not Pro level)Baseball- The Detroit TigersHockey - The Detroit Red Wings

Who was the first underclassman to leave college and play a major pro sport?

Michael Jordan

Is lacrosse a pro sport?

lacrosse is a pro sport.