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Yes, because you jump, run, walk etc when you skip. exact same as if you were playing soccer or Rugby etc.

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Q: Is skipping a sport
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Is skipping a Olympic sport?


What sport did they do in the 1950s?

Well they played skipping games, chasegames, and hopscotch

What Olympic sport does Finland Excel in?

They Excel In Running,Skipping and Dump Truck Driving xD

Did Richard Cendali invent skipping?

He did not invent rope skipping per say but he did create the first competitive jump rope team and start what may soon become an olympic sport.

Does Katy Perry do a sport?

Skipping if you do it vigorously then you could burn up to 600 calories hope this helped:) x

Is skipping an adverb?

No, there is no adverb form of skipping. The word skipping is the present participle of the verb to skip. Well, it may or may not be an adverb depending upon the usage if the work "skipping" answers questions such as "how," "when," "where," "how much" in that scenario it would be an adverb. So, in the sentence I am skipping. Skipping is clearly not an adverb, but in a sentence like I went to the school skipping, skipping is an adverb

Stages of a warm-up?

1. do a jog on spot/skipping for 1 minute a jogging and jumping session-it depens what sport your playing if you need to practise shooting or starting or something like that. 3. Do your sport!!! :)

Where is the stone skipping festival?

In the stone skipping valley

How do you use skipping in a sentence?

I was skipping down Meadow Rd.

When was Skipping Stones created?

Skipping Stones was created in 1979.

What does a child develop first skipping or galloping?

Galloping almost immediately precedes skipping. Galloping evolves into fluid skipping.

What does skipping into school means?

Skipping-slang for not going/skipping into refers to a method of trotting usually done by young females

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