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127 feet, minus whatever is between his feet and the back of the plate.

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Q: If a catcher is standing on home plate exactly how far does the catcher have tothrow the ball to reach second base?
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How far does catcher throw ball to secondbase if standing 5 ft behind home plate?

The distance between Home Plate and Second Base is 127 feet, 3 3/8 inches. Standing 5 feet behind the plate, the catcher would be throwing 132 feet, 3 3/8 inches.

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Should a softball catcher throw to second from her knees?

If the catcher has a good enough arm to, then yes. It is the fastest way.

On a baseball field home plate is 90 feet from first base and first base is 90 feet from second base If the catcher is standing on home plate how far to the nearest foot is the throw to second base?

It's pretty close to 90 feet also.

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What is catcher pop time?

Catcher pop time is the time it takes for a catcher to come out of his crouch after receiving the pitch (like if he was going to try and throw a runner out at second base).

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In high school softball how long does it take for the catcher to throw down to second?

From the time the catcher touches the ball til the ball reaches 2nd for a good catcher is 1.6 to 1.7 seconds.

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In baseball when the catcher says coming down to the infield where does the baseball get thrown to?

second base

How far does a catcher have to throw to catch someone stealing second base?

135 feet

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