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Q: A catcher has the letters TLSOFIG on his license plate what does this mean?
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How many numbers or letters can a license plate have?


What state license plate has a black background with white letters and numbers?

That would be a federal license plate. So...if you see one, mind your p's and q's!

What are the symbols or letters often found on German license plate cars?

The letter 'D'.

What State license plate has a white background with red letters and numbers?

it is a undercovered cop

What is a California Black Plate?

Black plate refers to the original license plate that was assigned to a CA car. The plates were black with yellow numbers and letters.

The color of a car license plate from Texas?

The colour of a license plate from Texas is mostly white with blue letters for the license number, and red for the word Texas at the top. View Related Link to see the various Texas License Plates.

How many different ways can a license plate be made containing two letters and three digits with repetition of the numbers and letters not allowed?

There are 676,000 ways to make the license plates.

How many numbers letters in limo license?

one letter the rest numbers,its a commercial plate

A license plate is identified by a string of three letters followed by two numbers If each license plate is distinct find the number of possible license plates?

263 x 98 (assuming "00" is not used) ie 1,722,448

What do numbers in a license plate mean?

Most generally the numbers in a license plate refer to the issuing jurisdiction. Most states use a series of symbols, numbers and letters. Others use a county coding system that includes the expiration in the plate number.


form_title= License Plate Search form_header= Find the license plate you are looking for. What state are you searching for?*= _ What is the license plate number?*= _ Is this for a non-commercial vehicle?*= () Yes () No

Who invented the license plate?

Who invented the license plate?