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Q: How many games do teams play in spring training?
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How many games in MLB?

There are 162 not including spring training and the postseason.

How many games are in baseball?

In the regular season there are 162 games not including spring training or the post season

Any professional sports teams with international training camps?

yes, many baseball teams have training camps in Latin America.

How many games are there in regular season baseball and playoffs including the world series?

The most games played in one season including playoffs are179. ( Not including Spring Training )

Is the public allowed at Chicago Bears spring training?

Yes, spring training is open to the public. Many people make the trip and many players are available for autographs.

How many baseballs did the Phillies take with them to spring training?


How many bats did the Phillies take to spring training?


How many games does an NBA team play and with which teams play 4 games?

82 games and they play 4 games with division teams

How many teams are there in Commonwealth games 2010?

71 commonwealth teams are participating in 2010 commonwealth games.

How many varsity teams can you be on in high school?

One for each season (Fall, Winter, Spring) so three teams.

How many teams try out for the 2010 world cup games?

204 teams.

How many baseball teams compete in the Olympic Games tournament?

Eight teams.