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yes, many Baseball teams have training camps in Latin America.

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Q: Any professional sports teams with international training camps?
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What programs does Carmichael training systems camp involve?

The Carmichael training systems camps offers several different camps for all types of sports training and levels. They offer camps for cycling, both regular and specialty, climbing camps as well as camps for triathlons.

Where do professional basketball players work?

Professional basketball players "work" in there training camps. Which are located separately from the location of the arena they play basketball in.

What do you have to do to be qualified for a professional soccer player?

you have to be experienced and really good... go to camps and training... u can make it if u try hard

What are the objective of any professional training?

Answer Professional challenges are many in any job. It's up to the individual person to rise up to the occassion and take these challenges on and no matter what, you succeed. Always succeed, never.yes, many baseball teams have training camps in Latin America.

What is the reason of weak performance in athletics in India?

Due to the lack of training camps and advanced facilities provided by the sports minister in INDIA.

What were sports played in internment camps?

In the camps

What international cause does Malala Yousafzai champion conditions in refugee camps education rights or women's equality in sports?

education rights

How did people get to training camps in 1914?

They got to training camps either by horseback or walking.

How many camps are there?

You need to specify the kind of camps: Boy Scout camps, summer camps, military training camps, concentration camps.

WW1 training camps?

Etaples was one training camp

What kind of summer camps there are?

There are many different types of summer camps. There are sleep-a-way camps and day camps. There are also different themes of summer camps, such as theatre camp, band camp, and sports camps.

What is an intangible product?

is a nonphysical service such as tennis lessons, personal training, and sorts camps. is a nonphysical service such as tennis lessons, personal training, and sorts camps.

What was a usual week in Sparta training camps?

The Usual wek in Spartan training camps were harsh, espesially on the males of their society.The boys were taken from home at the age of seven.

What are Valcartier Camps Who set up the camp?

Sam Hughes set up the Valcartier Camps. They were suppose to be training camps for the newly recruited soldiers

Trying to find a weight training camp.?

There are many weight training camps. They meet a variety of needs. One of the best weight training camps is Strength Camp. The website for Strength Camp is It will condition and strengthen people.

What were WW1 training camps in Egypt like?


Where can I find more information on weight training camp? is a great site to learn about weight training camps. The entire show is based on training at a camp and this site will give you information about various camps, helping you to find the best one for you.

What did men do in World War 1 training camps?

In World War I training camps, men were taught to handle a rifle and were given their military clothing. They were taught drills and were billeted with local families.

Was agent orange used at the fort benning scout dog training camps?

Agent orange and other pesticides were used at the Fort Benning 26th Scout Dog Platoon Training camps.

Where can one find information about soccer camps for boys?

There are a variety of soccer camps for boys worldwide. Nike hosts soccer camps with several different options, ranging from day, night or week long camps, to international camps.

Why were the concentration camps not stopped?

There was no 'international policeman' to stop them.

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i say it is Longfellow sports club!!

When does the Oakland Raiders spring training camps open?


Are there any ninja training camps?

Yes, the Geijien camp

Is there much securty at NFL training camp?

Yes there is a great deal of security at NFL games and training camps.