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You need to hold down the A button and the B button at the same time. Also, this pitch can't be thrown in the strike zone.

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Q: How do you throw a splitter in wii sports baseball?
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How do you ball a splitter in baseball on wii sports?

Press A and B together for the batter you shouldn't swing for these pitches.

How do you throw a screwball in baseball on wii sports?

You hold down "A" whilst pitching.

Wii fit baseball cheats?

There is no Wii fit baseball. There is a wii sports baseball though.

How do you play Baseball in the Wii?

Select Wii Sports. And select baseball

How do you get to where you can throw a 101 fastball of the wii sports?

Simply flick the wii remote super fast.

Can you pick your team on Wii sports Baseball?


How do you get 200 on baseball Wii sports?

Not possible

What games come with Wii Sports?

The original Wii Sports includes tennis, bowling, golf, boxing and baseball.

Wii sports cheats?

Tennis- Hold 2 when game is loading and you'll get a blue tennis court/ When serving tap the Wii remote to do super serveBaseball- Before pitching hold 2 to throw under hand hold 1 to to go back to normal/ A and B to do splitter A to do screwball and B to do curve ball/ When serving tap the Wii remote to throw about 90 mphBowling- when loading hold Up-Blue Right-Gold or Down-Green Left-Red

How do you throw a 95 ball in wii baseball if your pro?

Simple flick the wii remote as fast as you can.

How many different sports are in the game Wii Sports by Nintendo?

There are five different sports in the game Wii Sports. Those sports are tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, and boxing. This game was followed by the sequel Wii Sports Resort, which has twelve different sports games.

How do you throw 100 mph on the wii sports in baseball?

flicking your wrist doesn't always help.. i only get about 94 mph when i flick my wrist.. There's some secret to it that i don't know