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Simple flick the wii remote as fast as you can.

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Q: How do you throw a 95 ball in wii baseball if your pro?
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How do you get a shiny ball in bowling on Wii sports?

That shiney ball in Wii bowling is actually a privelege. If you are in the pro level on Wii bowling, then you will get the sparkles. If your pro level goes under the pro limit, then the sparkles go away. In other words, you have to earn the sparkle ball.

What are the pro rewards in wii sports?

Not much really, your equipment (e.g bowling ball, baseball bat) changes colour (e.g sparkly ball, gold bat)

What do you get when you become a pro in Wii tennis?

nothing, i think you just get to say, hey, imma pro! but in wii bowling you get a sparkle ball and in wii boxing, a new glove......ect.

How is a Wii dangerous?

experts think that without wearing the wrist strap, people will get too into it and end up throwing the control in a game like Wii baseball when you are batting the ball, or throwing the ball. It is fairly easy to forget about the controller and drop it/throw it.

What do you get if your a pro on Wii sports baseball?

nothing im a 1540 pro and i dont have anything

What happens when you become a pro in wii bowling?

You rbowling ball gets a dimond patteren

What is you is a pro in wii sports baseball?

you don't get anything but that's what know

How do you throw a screwball in baseball on wii sports?

You hold down "A" whilst pitching.

For wii how do you get a left-handed pitcher to pitch going to the ground?

If I remember correctly, you hold A and B and throw the ball.

Can you throw a knuckle ball in little league World Series 2009 Wii?

yes and no its very rare i think

How do you get a strike every time on WII sports?

Put The Red Arrow Near The Middle And Throw The Ball (Thats How I Do It

How do you unlock Russell martin in backyard baseball 09 for Wii?

Throw a shutout in season mode.