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no he didn't missed any PK along his careerof course he has

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in friendly only against China before WC06.

because of slip up

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no he didn't missed any PK along his career

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of course he has! every soccer player has!

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Q: Has zidane ever missed a penalty in a competetive match?
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If penalty kick is missed is the ball dead?

During a match, no. If the player misses and the ball remains in play, play continues. If however it is a penalty shoot out and the penalty is missed then yes, the ball is dead.

Which two teams missed penalty kick in same World Cup match?

It was Spain and Paraguay.

Who won the 2006 football cup in Germany?

The Italian football team won the 2006 fotball world cup in germany. They won the finals against France. Ace French star Zinedine Zidane who was playing his last international match was red-carded in the match after head-butting Italy's Marco Materazzi. Zidane had earlier scored of a penalty in the match.

Who sent off Zidane in his final match?

Horacio Elizondo.

Why Zinedine Zidane gave the headbut to marvo?

During the match Materazzi kept pulling Zidane's shirt (which is a style of marking a man in football) Zidane got irritated and said that Materazzi could have his shirt after the match. In return Materazzi said that he would better marry his sister. Zidane got angry on this head butt him!

Is the ball dead after a missed penalty kick in soccer?

A hand touching the ball does not meet the full criteria for having possession. A goal keeper is in control of the ball: 1. while the ball is between their hands or between their hand and any surface (e.g. ground, own body) 2. while holding the ball in an outstretched open hand 3. while in the act of bouncing it on the ground or tossing it into the air

Is zidane better than beckham?

From my opinion, yes,zidane is better than beckham. Because zidane do better skills in the match. Zidane has scores 128 goals and beckham has scored 94 goals. Zidane has scored 31 goals in international while David Beckham has scored 17 goals.

Can fulfill match the antonym penalty?


What happend in World Cup 2006?

In the 2006 world cup final, Zinadine Zidane headbutted Marco materazzi, and both got red cards . it was also Zidane last match.

Zinedine zidane the footballer that got sent off in 2006?

Zinedine Zidane got sent of in the 2oo6 world cup final match with Italy for head butting Marco Materrazzi.