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no that's nasty

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Q: Did women play league baseball in skirts?
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Who was the first women to play Major League Baseball?

rosa parks

What religion is it that women only wear skirts and each child has to play an instrument?


How tall must you be to play Major League Baseball?

There is no height requirments to play major league baseball.

Can Women play on mens ASA Softball League?

no because that is just with men like in baseball girls cant play and thatll be the same thing

Why was the wnba made?

so women could play at the same level as menso there would be a league for the best women's basketball playersso the women wouldn't have to just play club, they could play in a league

What do you do as a Major League Baseball player?

play baseball

What baseball league are the Minnesota Twin in?

The Minnesota Twins play in the American League of Major League Baseball.

Do girls play baseball too?

Yes women play baseball.

The Chicago Cubs play in the National Baseball League as opposed to American Baseball League?


Can women play basketball?

Yes in the WNBA. (Women's national basketball league)

What is the minimum height requirement to play on Major League Baseball?

Answered priously. No there is no minimum height requirement to play major league baseball.

Minimum weight for baseball major league?

There is no minimum weight or height to play Major League just better be able to play well.