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There is no height requirments to play major league Baseball.

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Q: How tall must you be to play Major League Baseball?
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Can girls play major league baseball?

Yes, girls can play major league baseball.

How do you play major league baseball?

To play major league baseball, it is a good idea to being playing baseball early. Play during college and work hard to get scouted by a major league team.

Are Major League Baseball players on active roster but not playing Major League Baseball still get the minimum salary?

Yes, players on an MLB active roster must get at least the Major League minimum salary, whether or not they play.

Did Michael Jordan play Major League Baseball?

No Michael Jordan did not play major league baseball, he played for the White Sox minor league

Who of the 2 major league baseball leagues are the oldest?

The National League began play as a major league in 1876. The American League began play as a major league in 1901.

What is the minimum height requirement to play on Major League Baseball?

Answered priously. No there is no minimum height requirement to play major league baseball.

Who was the first African American to play Major League Baseball?

Moses Fleetwood Walker was the first African-American to play major league baseball. Moses Fleetwood Walker (October 7, 1856 โ€“ May 11, 1924) was an American professional baseball catcher who is credited with being one of the first black men to play in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Minimum weight for baseball major league?

There is no minimum weight or height to play Major League just better be able to play well.

How long must you play in major league baseball to get pension?

At age 60-70 and then u will go to pension

How many teams play in the mlb- Major League Baseball?

As of 2010 there are 30 Major League Baseball teams.

What do you do as a Major League Baseball player?

play baseball

What baseball league are the Minnesota Twin in?

The Minnesota Twins play in the American League of Major League Baseball.

What was the first African American woman to play major league baseball?

There has never been a woman, African-American or otherwise, to play Major League baseball.

Is Major League Baseball 2k or Major League Baseball the show better?

I heard that the show is better for regular play, but 2k is better for online play.

How can you become Major League Baseball player?

to ultimately become a MLB player , you must play such great baseball on your college team , that a scout is so happy with you that they sign you a contract to a minor league team. once on the team you have to play really well again so that eventually you are promoted to a major league team !!!

How many teams takes part in Major League Baseball?

The amount of teams that play in Major League Baseball is 30.

How many games do the Major League Baseball players play in a season?

162 games in each Major League Baseball Season

Who was the first little league baseball player to play Major League Baseball?

joey jay

When will Alex Rodriguez play in the major league?

He has been playing major league baseball for 20 years?

How many teams are in Major League Baseball?

There are a total of 30 teams in Major League Baseball. 14 play in the American League (AL) while 16 are in the National League (NL)

What does it take to get in the Major League Baseball?

Umm.... play baseball good

What sport do the Washington Nationals play?

The Washington Nationals are a baseball team. They play in the East Division of the National League Of Major League Baseball. They currently play baseball in Nationals Park.

Are girls allowed to play Major League Baseball?

No. But there is a similar softball league.

How many teams play Major League Baseball in the American League?


Is there a rule on how tall to play major league baseball?