Best team NFL ever

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you ask alot of people you'll get alot of answers.

The strongest cases can be made for the following -

Pittsburgh Steelers - first six-time Superbowl champions

San Francisco 49ers - first five-time SB champs

Dallas Cowboys - eight times to the Superbowl with five titles

New England Patriots - six times to the SB, three wins in a four-season span, first unbeaten regular season since 1972

Indianapolis Colts - first team to win 12-plus games for seven straight years, two time SB champs (once as Baltimore Colts)

Miami Dolphins - only unbeaten team (1972), five time SB contender, two-time champ

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Atlanta Falcons is the best NFL team ever!

Most Hall of famers in sports history

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Q: Best team NFL ever
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Yes, the New England Patriots are the greatest NFL Team ever.

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YES The Cowboys are the BEST TEAM in NFL history!

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Yes and they will always be the best team in the NFL because they have Peyton Manning the BEST quarterback EVER!!

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No way! The Steelers are probably the best.

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no they do not they are the best team in the nfl no not true the are the worst team ever. GO REDSKINS!!!!!

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1989 San Francisco 49ers

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Jim Brown

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Dallas Cowboys Best Team

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