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Yes and they will always be the best team in the NFL because they have Peyton Manning the BEST quarterback EVER!!

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Q: Are the Indianapolis Colts the best team in the NFL?
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What was the first NFL football team in Indianapolis?

The first NFL team in Indianapolis is the Colts.

What was Indianapolis before the colts?

Before the Colts moved to Indianapolis from Baltimore, they did not have an NFL team.

Who is indiana's NFL team?

Indianapolis colts

What is Indiana's NFL team?

The Indianapolis Colts

What state is the colts from?

The Colts (NFL team) play for Indianapolis, Indiana.

Who is the best player on the NFL team Indianapolis Colts?

Peyton Manning who played for the Indianapolis Colts from 1998-2011 is the best player to have ever been on the Colts team. Manning was a quarterback and led the team to ten straight playoffs.

What was the first NFL team to have cheerleaders?

Indianapolis Colts

Who is the worst team in the nfl in 2011?

Indianapolis colts

Who has the best offense in the NFL?

The Indianapolis Colts.

What was the original NFL team in Indianapolis?

There was not an NFL team there until the Colts moved from Baltimore.

What are the release dates for NFL Follow Your Team Colts - 2007 Indianapolis Colts Road to 2008?

NFL Follow Your Team Colts - 2007 Indianapolis Colts Road to 2008 was released on: USA: August 2008

A fooball team beginning with the letter i?

· Indianapolis Colts (NFL)

What football team begins with the letter i?

Indianapolis Colts (NFL)

Did the state of Indiana have a NFL team before the Indianapolis Colts?


What NFL team was first to have cheerleaders?

The Indianapolis Colts were the first team to have cheerleaders

An NFL team that is called six shooters?

An NFL team called the six shooters is the Indianapolis Colts.

Which NFL team has the longest playoff streak?


Which NFL team has won the most games of the decade?

Indianapolis colts

What NFL team has the most wins since 2004?

Indianapolis Colts

What nfl team had the most dropped passes in 2010?

indianapolis colts

What team has the most 3 and outs in the NFL 2011?

Indianapolis Colts

Who is the best NFL team 2009?

The Indianapolis Colts are the best team in the 2009 NFL regular season. They are the only undefeated team through Week 15. They stand tall at 14-0.

Who won NFL 2007?

For 2007, the winning team was the Indianapolis Colts, I believe.

What NFL team did Tampa Bay trade Anthony McFarland to?

The Indianapolis Colts.

What team holds the record for consecutive NFL playoff losses?

The Indianapolis Colts