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Jim Brown

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Q: Who is the best NFL team ever as it stands right now?
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Are the chargers a beast team?

yes. they are the second best ever, right after the colts :)

Best NHL team ever?

the best team ever is the Montreal canadians

What is the best hockey team ever?

Statistically, the toronto maple leafs is the best hockey team ever

Who is the best ever speedway team?

The best speedway team ever is proberly either the 2008 Czestochowa team the 2011 Gorzow team or the 2010 Poole Team

Who was the best ncaa mens basketball team ever?

Kentucky's (UK) 1996 team was by far the best team to ever play the game.

Is Team Fortress 2 the best game ever?

Its the best game ever.

Are the packers the best team ever?


What is team spirit?

Team spirit is about supporting your team ,respecting others and most of all Encourage your team mates.Team Spirit T stands for Trying your best E stands for Encourage others A stands for Achievement M stands for Must always show team spirit S stands for Supporting others P stands for participating I stands for impossible it's impossible to win if you have no team spirit R stands for Respect i stands for important it's important to show team spirit or it's important to have a go T stands for together we work together.

What is the best team you have ever been a part of?

Team America!

Best team between realmadrid and Barcelona?

Real Madrid is the best team EVER

Are the cowboys the best team ever?

YES The Cowboys are the BEST TEAM in NFL history!

Is Liverpool the best football team ever?

Liverpool is the best team ever! I am telling you the truth! Do you want to know who is the worst team is...Manchester United!!

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