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By far they are better it cost up to $30 but if you are looking for the top one would be the Bones Swiss which are up to $50-80 depends where you look.

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i prefer bone reds

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Q: What are better for longboarding bones reds or abec 9s?
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What abec are bone reds?

I have reds bones on my almost setup and they are abec 5's

What bearings are better for a kick scooter abec 7 bearings or reds?

reds are usually better for performance, but it all counts on your budget, abecs are alright for their price and reds are high end performance bearings that are costly, your choice

What are the top ten best skateboard bearings?

I don't doubt the quality of bones but as for abec9, abec7 etc, most of them are not abec9, abec7... Abec 9 bearings are used in critical aerospace and instrument applications. There are not many bearing manufacturers in the world that can make Abec 9 as most do not have the equipment and yet you see Abec 9 bearings readily available in skate shops at low prices. A real Abec 9 bearing would cost 30 to 40 US Dollars or more. I leave you to decide!! Have a look at for useful info about skate bearings. #1 bones Swiss #2 bones reds #3 speed demon #4 blind #5 abec 9 #6 abec 7 #7 abec 5 #8 abec 3 #9 abec 1 #10 jc (walmart sold skateboards) *bones ceramics are much faster than bones Swiss but they can shatter*

What is better abec 7 or nine?

truth fully they both suk so get bone reds they r good quality and are only 15 buks.

What are the best longboard bearings?

in longboarding bearings don't make that much difference (providing they are clean and oiled) unless you are racing slalom or downhill were every 0.001 of a second counts. so cheap well made easy to clean bearings are the best e.g. bones reds or bilitins are great simple to clean and change.

Are bones super reds bearings good bearings?

bones super reds are good bearings. at my local skateshop it is 30 bucks just like reds. super reds have better steel and quieter

Are bones Swiss skateboard bearings better than bones reds bearings?

definitley worth the extra coinige

Which is better bones red or ILQ-9 Bearings?

Bones red are much better as ILQ-9 Bearings are basic and are made jd bug so are not the best bearings you can get which leads me to say bones reds are much better.

Which longboard bearings are better -system abec7 -black panther abec7 -rush abec7 -rush abec9 -rush hybrid ceramic -bones reds -bones super reds -bones bombers which of these bearings are fastest?

dude the best company is red bones so i suggest u get either bones super reds or bones bombers. the difference is bones bombers are more wheather resistent meaning they wont get rusted for a while. on the other hand bones super reds go way faster.

What type of bearings are good?

well it really depends on what thing your using it for. I skateboard so i would say any bones are great also speed metal last quite a while but back to bones some can get relaly expensive and im a skater myself so yeah.

Are bones reds Swiss good longboard bearings?

yes but better ones are bone reds or pink panthers they are amazing just keep em clean

Which bearrings are better bones reds ceramics or bones Swiss?

There both amazing bearings. i currently own bone Swiss and have skated ceramics before. i personally like ceramics better because they feel just a bit faster and they have a less likely hood of breaking if you land to hard