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Just as you wouldn't go Bowling in the wrong shoes, and you wouldn't wear high-heels for running, you shouldn't wear normal trainers to skate. Wear proper skate shoes. They are designed to survive the wear and tear you get from skating; like when you do ollies in non-skate shoes, you will destroy the toe in a matter or minutes. Definately buy some good skate shoes.

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you dont realy need them, they do help with tricks and grip

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Q: Do you need skating shoes to skateboard?
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Do my DCs count as proper skateboard shoes?

dude dcs are awesome skating shoes. hey i use them ahah.

Are Adidas originals skateboard shoes?

Pretty much any shoe can be used for skateboarding,but some shoes are better than others.Adidas Originals shoes are for skating if you get the vulcanized version.

Why did they name it a skateboard?

=they named a skateboard a skateboard cause you are simply skating on a board I think that's the answer=

When you first buy a skateboard what do you do?

start skating..

What is the best skateboard for street skating?

a scooter

What is the best skateboard for bowl skating?


What type of trainning do you need to be a skater?

none just grab a skateboard jump on and have a good time. practice enough and you can get paid for skating, just send companies videos of you skating.

How do you know what skateboard is right for you?

it depends on your skating style.

How do you break in new skate shoes fast?

Easiest way is to play around on a skateboard in your driveway or to wear them everyday for about a week.

Are Supra Vaider shoes skating shoes?

They can be

Can i skateboard with era tie dye shoes?

You can skateboard with Era Tie-Dye shoes. These shoes are safe for skateboarding as well as other outdoor activities.

What kind of shoes do you wear on a skateboard?

You can wear any shoe - or none at all if you wanted.. I've seen people skating on everything from bare feet to work boots... it's whatever is comfortable for you..